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20 Star Party Slot – Review

In order to know the trends of the online slot world, all you have to do is look at the options that are available. When you see the options that are available you will see a lot of different themes and features. You will see a lot of creativity in these slot games and animations. These are only a few aspects of slot machines that are part of today’s slots.

However, there are some who want to play simplistic slot games from time to time even though they might be impressed by the antics they see. In a scenario like this, 20 Star Party slot is definitely perfect.

What Is 20 Star Party Slot?- The 20 Star Party slot is as simple as it can get. It does not get any simpler than this. Simplicity is the main identity of this slot game.

All the way from the log on screen to the payout screen, everything is out in front of you without any funny businesses and distractions. This is a classic slot that is definitely worth trying your luck with.

This slot game was developed by Casino Technology. Casino Technology is known for creating slots that are very straightforward. This is a game that has 5 reels of 3 rows each and 20 paylines that you can place a wager on.

What to Not Expect From This Slot- A lot of people have the tendency to have high expectations for a slot game before they even begin to play it. It is important to understand what this slot is all about before playing it.

When it comes to the entertainment aspect of this game, it does not go beyond possibly making profit. In other words, there is not a theme. Also there is no back story, no plot, and no characters that can be used for roleplay. The sound effects in this game are not interesting. As a matter of fact, they are very elementary.

The payouts in 20 Star Party are best described as something that is average. Regardless of the intentions, the developers at Casino Technology definitely did not hit the nail with getting the party going.

Do Not Look Into the Symbols Too Much- The symbols in this game are very random. Since they are very random it is best to not read into them much for this slot game. The symbols in this game feature lemons, watermelons, apples, and plums. When it comes to the symbols, this game takes on the classic fruit machines. All of the symbols in this game are equal and there is no jackpot provided in this game and that includes the top combination of the fruit symbols. Regardless if you land three identical fruits or five of them, your prize will not blow your mind. These prizes will be a bit of ways from making you excited.


Wagering In This Game- Figuring out the wagering math of this game is very easy to figure out. It does not take long to figure this out.

On these 20 paylines, you are only allowed to wager one coin for each spin. Each coin can have a value of anywhere between 1 cents and 25 cents. Basically for the bet maximum, you will only be able to place a bet of $5 for each spin. This is definitely not a slot for high rollers.

The Wild in the Slot- The classic 7 symbol is the wild of the game. This symbol can be used to take the place of other symbols until there are some struck combos. If this wild lands on reel three, it will expand to the entire screen and this will give you 500 coins.

The Scatter in the Slot- The golden shiny star is the scatter symbol of the game. No unfortunately there are not any free spins that come along with the scatter. However the scatter can give out 1,000 coins if five of them are landed in any row. In order for this to be able to occur, luck would have to strongly be on your side.

The House Edge- The house edge is estimated to be at 6.5%. This is higher than what most slot players usually like.

Sometimes slot games can be too simple. This is a game that is definitely not appealing to the slot player audience. Even for beginners, it is not appealing. There are many other slots with a party theme that is much better. They offer much better prizes, are more entertaining, and have a legit theme. Casino Technology definitely missed big with this slot. It is not the type of slot that has a good chance at receiving a lot of success. It does have enough to keep you entertained throughout the whole gaming session.