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Africa Themed Pokie – 50 Lions Slot

Ever wanted to go to see the wild parts of Africa? If so then 50 Lions is the perfect slot for you to play. This slot was developed by Aristocrat Technologies. The wild animals included in this slot are lions, zebras, and other animals that live in the African Serengeti.

The Theme of the Game- The symbols featured in the slot along with the background score and bonus features shows that wild animals are the focus.

Where Is This Slot Available?- The game can be played at any brick-and-mortar casinos in the United States and all around the world. It is also available online on casinos that support Aristocrat games.

Features on the Slot- This is a five reel slot game that has symbols of some of the most astonishing wild animals that live in the wild in Africa. Another nice factor about this game is that it has 50 paylines along with bonus features that have free spins included. Not only does it have wild animals as symbols, but it also contains high card values like 10, J, K, A, and Q.

There are bonus symbols that trigger free games along with other features. The wild symbol in this slot has a wild symbol that increases your chances of winning. In this game, the lion is the wild symbol, as expected. Even though it appears randomly while a normal spin occurring, it becomes a stacked wild during its free spin feature, this increases your chances of winning.

In this game, the scatter symbol is the wild flower. The wild flower appears on reels 1,2, and 3. Not only does this wild flower appears on these reels, but they can give you 10 free spins at a time. This slot has another wild symbol that can improve your winnings during the free spins. There is an extra diamond also becomes a stacked wild. That stacked wild offers a big bonus to the game. During this bonus round, another round of free spins can be triggered. However, that is if a player gets three wild symbols again. In order for a player to win the large bonuses, they should try playing the maximum bet lines.

The Gaming Experience- A huge amount of slots today have a theme based on television shows, public events, and public figures. However, the 50 Lions slot is a slot game that is very unique within the creations of Aristocrat Gaming. This game has game features that have graphics that are very unique and fun. They are so fun and unique that they can grab a player’s attention right away. It will make them not want to stop playing this game. That is how powerful this game is.

If you want to take a trip to the wild, then is definitely the game for you to play. The wild can be at the palm at your hands, if you decide to use this game in order to play. Another wonderful factor about this game is that it is fitting for many different types of people. Old and young and of many different cultures all around the world. The fact that more multipliers in this game are also able to increase the player’s chances of winning is also another huge plus. This huge plus is the reason why this game is receiving a high grade, which is an A. It has all of the needed factors to make any type of person entertained throughout their gaming session. There is a reason as to why this game is a huge favorite in the online casino world.

Not only does this slot stand out in comparison to other slots, but also, it is a game that can bring in a lot of joy and happiness for a person when they are playing this game. This game has already been considered to be one of the best slots to play in the entire world. If you have not tried this game, then you are definitely missing out on a lot of excitement. This type of excitement that the game brings is something that does not happen that often through a game, especially a slot one.

This game will let you enjoy the wild, without even having to be visit the wild. Visiting the wild to see the wild animals is something that is a dream for many. If this is a huge dream for you, then why not play this slot, especially if you are the type that likes to play slots on the regular. After playing this game, you will definitely see why it is receiving a high grade and why it is very respected in the online slot world. Whenever you get a chance, make sure that you give this game a try.