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A Christmas Carol Slot – Xmas Themed Pokie

Do you love Christmas? If so, then you should definitely play A Christmas Carol slot. This slot is based on the well-known Charles Dickens Tale which has the same name. Players of this game travel through Scrooge’s bedroom while he watches the action go on the game board that is in front of him. This game has five reels and 25 paylines. Since this is the case, it makes sense that he is a bit on edge because of the prizes offered for winning.

Avoid Being a Scrooge- Outside of the playing cards, the rest of the symbols in the main game are all products from the popular Christmas Carol story. Scrooge’s Bank is the first out of the main game symbols. Right here, you will not be receiving much. However, it is best to try to land 3, 4, or 5 of them because they payout 50, 100, and 200 coins in a respective manner.

It is important to factor in that it is the playing cards that gets things going. Each of them payout in a unique manner.

Ten- Three= 5 coins, Four= 25 coins, Five= 50 coins

Jack- Three= 10 coins, Four= 25 coins, Five= 75 coins

Queen- Three= 20 coins, Four= 50 coins, Five= 80 coins

King- Three= 25 coins, Four= 60 coins, Five= 100 coins

Ace- Three= 40 coins, Four= 75 coins, Five= 150 coins

After these symbols are the Christmas Presents. Those presents are gifts that give out 100 coins for matching three, 200 for four, and 400 for getting five. Next up after this are the Gold Coins. Just like as their name suggests, they pay out generously. They pay out 125 coins, 250 coins, and 500 coins.

Next to last in regards to the main game symbols, the penultimate main symbol is the Shiny Gold Bell. If you can get three of these symbols, you will get 200 coins, four will get you 400 coins, and five will award you 800 coins. Last but certainly not least, is Scrooge himself. At this point, he is in a generous mood and this is the loving Scrooge we know and love at the end of the fairytale. Here is where he awards players with 300 coins, 500 coins, and 1000 coins in a respective manner.

It Is Time for Turkey- It would be weird to not have turkey on Christmas right? In this game, the turkey is the wild symbol. Not only does this symbol replace all of the other symbols outside of the Ghost features, but if you match three to five you will receive 800 coins, 1,200 coins, and 2,400 coins.

Thanks to the Head or Tails gamble feature, main game winnings can be doubled. If you guess the flip of the coin correctly, you will receive a 2x multiplier on your prize. However, if your guess turns out to be incorrect, then you would have to give back all of your winnings to Scrooge’s bank.

The Ghost of Christmas- The Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future are the three additional bonuses. These bonuses are linked to the three popular ghosts that take a visit to Scrooge in the famous fairytale.

In this slot, each of these are a representation of a special feature that can be useful in order to land some nice prizes. The present is the best way to start off. If you spin at least three Present symbols, then all ghosts on the reels will turn into wild. This feature cannot occur during the Past/Future bonuses, but however, they will resume when they are completed.

The Ghost of Future Past will give players a number of Past Free Spins. This is very generous of him. If you get three, you will receive three spins, four will give you six, and five will give out 12 Free Spins. Extra Additional Past and Future freebies can be received through this feature.

The Ghost of Christmas Future, pays at the same rate as the Ghost of Christmas Past. Both of these features work on the same lines.

When you are playing this game, you will understand why A Christmas Carol is such a popular slot. It has a beautiful snow setting and a very suitable soundtrack. The graphics and animations in this game are in very high resolution. Also, it delivers some nice payouts. Betsoft did an excellent job at developing this game. This is a game that can definitely make you jolly. If you are in a Christmas mood, then you should definitely play this game. It will give you nice gifts if everything lines up right for you. These gifts can start your holiday season off right. Play this game as soon as you can and experience the jolliness it provides.