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Boxing Slot – Review of Boxing Themed Slots

Do you enjoy seeing your favorite boxer with their boxing gloves on in the ring? If so then you should play Boxing slot. Boxing slot was developed by Gameplay Interactive. Even though the title of the game itself is not really creative, its sharp graphics and smooth gameplay makes up for it. Players have the ability to win a lot of prizes if they go the distance in this game.

The Theme of the Game- The theme of the game is pretty obvious from the title itself along with the symbols and the 3d graphics.

In this game there is every aspect of boxing being represented on the screen. Like for instance the scantily clad girls and the burly boxers. This game gives players the opportunity to win cash prizes and it gives sports fans an extra amount of satisfaction.

In the background, there is a nice soundtrack that gets you in a boxing mood and it will make those reels spin quickly. Every time a new turn starts, a sound of the bell clangs.


Entering the Ring In The Game- After learning how to play the game it is time to step in the ring. When playing online, you will automatically do this after hearing the cheers from the crowd.

This game contains 5 reels and it also has 15 possible paylines. Players have the ability to choose how many they want to play with though. However, players cannot vary the amount of coins they bet for any active payline. This puts a restriction on stake flexibility. The amount that each coin is worth can be altered and it does add on some extra versatility. Its minimum coin size is only at 0.01 and the maximum is 6.0.

If a person ever wanted to bet on the highest possible amount of paylines with the top stake, then they do not have to winch up everything in a manual matter. All they have to do is hit the max bet button and then they will automatically be playing at the uppermost limit.

Being Wild With the Boxer- If there are matching winning combinations then a prize will be given out. However, there are some other interesting symbols to look out for while playing this game. If the ring girls are spun, then a scatter win will be received. Not only will this give out free spins, but it will also award a multiplier and it will triple the prize.

In this game, the boxer is the wild symbol. It can form a winning combination. Not only can it do that, but it can also replace the other symbols in order to increase the chances of getting a match. The only symbol that cannot be replaced by the box is the scatter one. If five of the wild symbols are spun on any of the active paylines and in play then 1000 coins can be awarded. Do not wait to play this game, it is fun and it offers good prizes.

The Double Up Button- After having a successful win, the player has the option to gamble their prize in order to have the chance to win something bigger. Hitting the Double Up button takes the player to a side game instantly. In order to have the prize doubled, the dealer cannot win. The player has to beat him. Trust me, it is not as risky as it seems. This is because the player can choose to gamble with only half of their winnings. Since this is the case, this does leave them with something even if they do not win the Double Up feature of the game.

There are a row of cards that are laid out. All a player has to do is pick the one that wins against the dealer. However, this is not as easy as it seems. If the player wins, they have the option to either bet again or collect all of their winnings from the game.

Those who are sports fans will definitely love playing this game. Not only would they enjoy this game, but they would enjoy it so much to the point in which they will want to play it more than once. The scatter and wild symbols of the game are very attractive. Even though the jackpot is not that high in comparison to other slots that are currently on the market, there are still some reasonable prizes provided to the players. The real strong point of this game are the graphics. This game’s graphics are so sharp. Another amazing aspect of this game is that it is pretty simple to learn and it is not over the top. It is a game that is very straight forward. Since this is the case, the game can be played by advanced players and novices.