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Candy Crush

Today’s young generation is very into playing Candy Crush and other mobile games like Angry Birds, and Words With Friends. Prior to the millennial generation, a lot of people in previous generations have had a lot of love for the slot machines. Since today’s young generation has had the tendency to become addicted Candy Crush and other popular mobile games, one must wonder if the addiction to it is like the addiction to slot machines.

The Popularity of Candy Crush- The popularity of Candy Crush started back over a few years ago. It took the world by storm. Back when it was first released, it the world went crazy over it. People of different ages and many different backgrounds developed a deep love for the game. The love for the game was so strong that it was hard for many to break away from it.

It is a game in which many like to compete with others in by seeing who can reach the highest level. A lot of players of this game have spent hours a day playing it.

The Addiction to Candy Crush- Like already mentioned, many players of the game would spend hours a day playing the game. Some players have even said that it is hard for them to stop playing it. Many players of the game have even played the game while being at a grocery and during other times they have had a free moment. Those who have suffered from addiction to the game have struggled with being able to concentrate at work. They have even neglected their children at times. There have even been some who would sneak away so that they could play.

The Popularity of Slot Machines-    Slot machines are the most popular casino games. The machines have become a major factor in the casino industry becoming as big as it is today. They are something that has a lot of connection with a lot of people. Especially those in the elderly generation.

The slot machine industry is an industry that has been growing a lot. Not only have they dominated in the land-based casinos, but they also have been dominating in the online casino world. These form of casino games have been able to take the world by storm. Not only have they taken the world by storm, but they have also been making key advancements to make them become as big as they are. Also, they are steadily striving to make even more improvements.

The Addiction to Slot Machines- Just like with Candy Crush, many people have suffered from slot machine addiction. Many of those who have had an addiction to the machines have suffered from being able to concentrate at their job, similar to those who suffer from Candy Crush addiction. Also, those who are addicted to slot machines usually have the tendency to neglect their children as well.

The way Candy Crush can have control over a person’s mind is similar to how slot machines have the ability to do so. In regards to how they can dominate a person’s mind, they share a deep common connection. Candy Crush is a game that is very colorful, just like slot machines. Colorfulness in a game can have a major impact on a person’s mind. Addiction to both form of games is something that should be treated very seriously. The longer a person who suffers from addiction waits to receive help, the worse the addiction can get.

Addiction to both of the games is similar to being addicted to a drug. When a person is addicted to a drug, they often at times neglect their children and have a hard time being able to focus on their job.

Based on all of the factors mentioned in the article, addiction to slot machines and candy crush is the same. Obviously slot machines are more popular than Candy Crush, but however, the psychological aspects are pretty similar. Also, the common factor as to why a lot of people become addicted is pretty similar as well. In a lot of cases, when a person becomes addicted to Candy Crush they are trying to escape from something that is going on in their lives. It is the same way for a lot of people who are addicted to the slot machines. Since slot machines are even much more popular than Candy Crush, obviously there are more people suffering from addiction from them. Even though this is the case, it is important to keep in mind that a lot of young people are heavily into playing Candy Crush. If slot machines become more like the games millennials play, one must wonder would it cause more young people to become addicted to the slot machines.