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Cash Blox Slot Review – Tetris Themed Slots from Ash Gaming

Cash Blox is a slot that is a bit outside of the box. It is designed by Ash Gaming. This is a game that is influenced by the classic arcade game Tetris. Tetris has been considered to be a classic game for quite some time.

This game works a bit differently than a lot of other slot machines that you might be familiar with. However with this being the case, it is still a fun game to play. It is even more fun if you have a nostalgic feeling for retro gameplay action. Also, you can win some money through this game which is a huge plus.

The Satisfaction- Tetris is a game that a lot of people at some point in their life has been obsessed with. Nothing is better than slotting those shapes into place in order to form some good neat rows. However, nothing is more frustrating than missing a row, leaving a blank space. It is a game that is simple. Even though this game is simple it can bring out the best in you or the worst in you. This is a slot machine that will give players the opportunity to relive the linear satisfaction and play for monetary wins at the same time. All of the colorful blocks of the original Tetris game is feature in this slot.

When it comes to visuals, the game is not the most advanced. However with this type of slot game, it does not have to be. By it not being strong visually, it makes the game come across as more authentic having a simple arcade aesthetic.


How to Play This Game- First of all, when playing this game you will notice right away that it does not work like how typical slot machines do. This game does not have 5 reels with paylines. Instead, this game has a game screen with a 10×15 square grid like the original arcade game. Like with the classic game, players will see a group of shaped blocks go into position on the grid. The only difference is that on the slot game, they are powerless in how they land on the grid. When playing this game, you will either sit back and watch what happens or you will get frustrated seeing the chaos.

Getting Paid Through This Game- I know you might be thinking, how is it possible to win prizes. Simply put, players win prizes through getting a full line of Tetris blocks on the grid. The size of the wins depend on if the lines are single, double, triple, or quadruple along with the amount of times a specific type of line appears.

For instance, lets say you place a bet of 1 credit and press play. After you press play, Tetris blocks land in random combinations. If one line appears then it will give out a 0.10 credit in return. Then if another single line appears then it will give an additional 0.40 credits. A third single line will go for 2 more credits. A fourth single line will give out an additional 10 credits. However, one double line will change a single credit stake to a two credit prize. A second double adds 8 credits. Having a third one will add 40 credits and a fourth one will add an additional 200 credits to the winning total.

If this sounds confusing to you then that is understandable. All of the prizes are shown in a paytable. The paytable is next to the playing grid. A great thing about the paytable is that the prizes gets automatically updated to align with the chosen bet. Wagers in this game range from 0.10 all the way up to the maximum stake of 10. The largest jackpot prize is a 4,000x total bet multiplier which is given out when there are four quadruples appearing in one turn. Players of this game can win 40,000 credits through a 10 credit total bet.

Free Spins- There isn’t really anything that stands in the way of additional bonus action in this game. With this being the case, players can receive some free games if luck is on their side. Players have access to the free spins through forming a complete line with the Magic Block that is multicolored. If you are able to do this, 10 free spins will be given out and the wins will be doubled in value.

Thoughts on the Slot- Cash Blox is the type of game that will take players back in time since it is a slot with a classic arcade theme game. Even though this is not just a slot machine, it is still a simple game for beginners and experienced players. Plus this game offers some very nice prizes along with a jackpot.