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CashOccino Pokies – 600 Coin Bet Slots

Get your daily shot of caffeine with the coffee-themed CashOccino slot from Microgaming. This pleasant and elegant slot was released back in the Spring of 2010, turning our love of coffee into a slot machine and adding to Microgaming’s long list of unique themes. You can find this slot on Spin Palace.

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CashOccino has the feel of an upscale coffee house, with a smart leather look and a smoothness that you can almost taste. If CashOccino was a coffee, it would be strong and black, none of this fancy latte topped with chocolate sprinkles. It’s coffee for the masses, because CashOccino is a slot machine for everyone.

CashOccino has some big symbols, the biggest of which returns an impressive 5,000 coins and comes in the shape of the cafe latte logo. The game’s maximum win is twice that at 10,000 coins, and this is triggered via the wild symbol, which is a silhouette of a small coffee cup.


CashOccino has 30 paylines and you can stake as little as $0.01 on each of them, which works out at a total minimum bet of $0.30. With a maximum bet of 600 coins, CashOccino has a wide betting range, and one that should please a wide spectrum of players.

Bonus Features

CashOccino has a few different free spin features. You need to select the additional bet feature in order to unlock some of these bonuses, but it’s well worth doing that as these bonus features are generous. You will trigger 15 free spins to begin with and can unlock more as you go. If you have the extra bet feature unlocked then you can trigger even more free spins, with the scatter symbol also generating an instant win amount.


Sophisticated, elegant and smart, CashOccino has everything you could ask for in an online slot machine, and is another successful hit from Microgaming, the kings of online gambling.