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Clash of Queens Slot Review

Though many people might be in search of a queen, queens do not have to act mellow. Many queens can be fierce, just like on how the hit book Game of Thrones has shown. Most people will not find a queen like the one they are about to be shown in the Wonderland. Though the days might be dark, a bright new queen will arise through tactics that are shrewd and the willpower of the queens. Yes, a lot of people will have a queen that is above other queens at home, but however, that is a story for another time. The symbols, bonus rounds, and free spins are the key factors that make Clash of Queens a very special game. It was developed by Genesis Gaming.

The slot contains 5 reels and 25 flexible paylines.

Gaining Some Control- The Wonderful is far from an easy place to live in. It is also a very hard place to rule. The queens definitely deserve a lot of props when the credit is due. However, who deserves respect from a lot of people? This is a question that is worth a lot. If the answer to the question gets answered right, the person who answered might become rich.
Genesis Gaming has had a good reputation of releasing slots that have strong tactics along with interesting theme manipulations. Clash of Queens definitely is not a disappointment.

The Weak Link of the Slot- The one weak link of this slot is the simple 2D outlook. It is not really strong enough, especially since many people have become very use to playing slots with heavy 3d graphics. Many players would expect more in this aspect of the game, especially since it was released in the middle of this year. However, the parallax effects really works well for this slot.

Outside of this one weak link of the slot, Clash of Queens is very entertaining, even though the opportunities are limited.

What To Expect From This Game?- Players of this slot can expect some creativity along with a fair, nice, and square blend of familiarity. In this day and age, it has become very rare to find a slot that has flexible paylines. This is why the payline feature of this slot stands out a lot. This also allows the players to use an extra avenue for their slot skills. They do not have to blatantly rely on luck throughout the entire session.

Players can use up to 10 credits at stake, per spin, and per line. This means that up to 250 slot credits can be used. However, it is important to factor in that this really depends on how good the player is at optimizing their profits and marginalizing their lines. For those who are new to this game, it is strongly recommended that they play the normal safe game. Also, it is best for them to recover their wagers first, while posting their miniature profits.

The Symbols of the Game- There are the usual card symbols in this game. The highest bounty is for 5-on-5 type of combos is 750 coins. No, it is not a lot, but however, it is enough to get players going.

The wild and scatter symbols are very similar to other slots. Since the wild-flat out doubles the winnings on the line, the game heats up very soon. The scatter symbol can offer multipliers to their players up to 10x.

The battle feature of this game becomes unlocked when the White and Red Queen symbol are located on the first and fifth reel.

The battle feature is the best part of the slot. This feature allows players to double their total winnings and possibly receive an extra amount of multipliers they can work with.

Overall this is the type of slot is one that cannot be missed. Especially if you are the type of person that is good at manipulating paylines in a perfecting manner. This is the type of slot that fits in well with the range of slots in general, unlike some other slots. Due to this, this slot deserves to have an A-. The reason is because it has all of the needed factors to keep a person entertained during the entire gaming session. This is what matters the most. It is a game that can make a person become glued right away. Once a person plays this game, they are not going to want to stop playing it. It provides a very unique game that people in different backgrounds and age groups can enjoy. This is not a hard game to learn. The fact that it is not a hard game to learn adds on to what makes this slot be able to receive a high grade.