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Cleopatra’s Coins Slot – Spin the Reel with Ancient Egypt

Have you ever wondered what it was like living during the times of Cleopatra? Well here is your time to figure that out. You can experience what it was like living in that time period through playing the Rival Gaming Slot’s Cleopatra’s Coins slot. Not only does this game give you the opportunity to meet Cleopatra, Mark Anthony, and Julius Caesar, but you will also get a look at the Pyramids and the Sphinx. That is not it! You can win nice prizes for doing this. When playing this game, you can have an opportunity at playing its great bonus games like Asp Free Spins, Wild Scarab Beatles, and a Smash-An-Urn Bonus Round.

There are 450 line, coin, and coin-value combinations to pick. This means that it is easy to find a stake that suits you the best. It is a game that is designed for both high budget and low budget slot players.

The Ancient Egyptian World- Whether or not you are the type that gazes about Cleopatra’s beauty or in awe of how the ancient civilization created the pyramids, there are some fun extra things to go along with those aspects of the game. Also, the line numbers are designed in a way they look like jeweled scarab beetles.

The Cash- It does not take long to start winning prizes in this game. All you have to do is find 3 to 5 matching symbols in order to start winning prizes. The hieroglyphics have the lowest prize value in this game. They offer between 3 and 150 coins. Once you begin finding the game’s main character then the prizes will start increasing. Finding Julius Caesar will give out up to 300 coins. Up to 350 coins is given out for finding Mark Anthony. If you find Cleopatra, you will receive up to 400 coins. Finding symbols of the sphinx and pyramids together is worth up to 500 coins for collecting 5 of them. It is the biggest paytable symbol.

The three bonus symbols in the game are the Golden Coin, Scarab Beetle, and the Poisonous Asp. There are two functions for the Wild Scarab Beetle. One function of the symbol is to replace all of the base game symbols to form a range of winning paytable combinations. The other function of the symbol is to award large instant wins when there are multiple symbols on a played line. Of course, the top instant Wild prize cannot be forgotten about. That top Wild prize is 5,000 coins for 5 symbols. If at least 3 Asps are found, the Free Spins Bonus will get triggered. Three awards 10 free spins, four gives out 20 free spins, and 5 triggers 100 free spins. All prizes are tripled during the Asp Bonus. Also, the bonus can be retriggered when the initial bonus is occurring. If 3 coins are found, the Bonus Round will be rewarded and while going through it you have to smash urns to show the instant prizes.

The Stakes in the Game- In order to determine which lines you want to play, you have to look at the Scarab Beetle line numbers. After looking at the Scarab Beetle line numbers, you have to decide play between 1 and 15 lines. The coin value would have to be between 0.01 coins and 1.0 coin. This format allows for there to be 450 different staking combinations and plus the minimum bet for the game is just 0.01 coins and the maximum bet for it is at 75 coins for each spin.

The topic of Ancient Egypt is interesting for a lot of people and it is a popular theme among the slot industry. Slots with this type of theme tend to do pretty well. Even though the theme of this game is pretty common in the slot world, it still has some form of originality in it. Its bonus games are fun and exciting. Obviously, they are even more exciting if you are winning. Winning always makes games more fun.

If you have ever wanted to get a glimpse of the Ancient Egyptian world and learn about the culture, this game is perfect for you. Also the prizes that are provided to the players are great and can change a person’s mood into a good one. Who doesn’t like a game like this? Not only is the game fun, but it is simple to understand and affordable. When you are playing this game, make sure you keep your eyes out for the important symbols of this game so that way not only will you see important key figures of Ancient Egypt, but you can also receive the enjoyment of winning the prizes. This is a game that has the ability to make you want to keep playing it.