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Cutesy Pie – 3 reel, singe payline pokies

Get ready for a cute overload with Cutesy Pie, a basic retro pokie from Microgaming that you can find on Spin Palace, the industry leaders when it comes to pokies.

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Cutesy Pie is a 3 reel, singe payline pokie with a bright aesthetic. The aesthetic has a Japanese style to it, with rounded edges, a bright pink background and a waving panda all completing the look. As is common with these pokies from Microgaming, you will also find the payline information right there on the game screen.

From here you will be able to see that whether you bet 1, 2 or 3 coins will have an effect on how much you maximum return can be. For instance, if you bet all 3 and are lucky enough to land 3 of the blue 7 symbols, then you will win 2,500 coins, which is the maximum win on Cutesy Pie. The other 7s also pay very well, but nothing comes close to the blue 7.

There are no wild symbols on Cutesy Pie, just as there are no scatters.


Cutesy Pie works in coins, with the player choosing to be 1, 2 or 3 of these per spin. To place a bet you are therefore simply setting the value of the coins, with the minimum bet working out at just $0.25, and the maximum going all of the way up to $15.

Bonus Features

Cutesy Pie does not have any bonus features to speak of. This is not a surprise, as retro pokies tend to be limited in that regard, but it is still something that many modern pokie fans will lookout for and something that is likely to disappoint.


For a retro pokie, Cutesy Pie is okay, and the same could be said about many similar pokies. However, when you compare Cutesy Pie to other available pokies, it really doesn’t match up and leaves quite a lot to be desired.