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Deep Sea Danger – Slot from Booming Games

The ocean has a lot of dangers and mysteries. It contains areas in which only experienced diver would dare go into. One question you have to ask is, will you be one to go into the areas?

Deep Sea Danger is a slot released by Booming Games and it has a familiar underwater theme. The theme has heavy emphasis on a more realistic picture of the mysteries and dangers of the deep sea, instead of on beautiful coral reefs or the amazing sea creatures. Obviously, the dangers of the deep sea include huge sharks.

If you want to take a journey to the deep sea and come back with a nice pocket, then you should continue reading this article about the Deep Sea Danger slot.

The Surface of the Sea- Deep Sea Danger takes place under the deep surface of the sea. There are not any sounds in this part of the sea and sometimes this area is deadly.

By the reels being transparent, players are able to have a very good view of the underwater world that opens up right in front of their eyes. In the underwater world, there is an ancient shipwreck on the seabed that was slowly taken over by nature. The artificial reef that players see in this slot has become home for different sea creatures which includes a great white shark and an animated moray eel. Make sure you do not expect to see any cute graphics, since they are realistic. This is not a cartoon type of slot.

In regards to the music in the slot, underwater sounds replaces it. These sounds create an atmosphere that is eerily quiet, which is perfect for the theme. When it comes to the design, this slot has good quality and it is very believable right from the start.

The Gameplay- Deep Sea Danger is a slot that is very straightforward and any player can master it within minutes, regardless of their slot playing experience.

There are five reels and ten paylines that can be betted on which is small for today’s slots. The (+) and (-) switches allows you to make adjustments to your bets, and on top of the main screen you can make adjustments to your bet total. Also there is a Gear icon located in the upper left corner of the screen. This tool will let you make advanced settings. Through this, you can modify your bet for each line and the amount of paylines you want activated. It is crucial to remember that your prizes will depend on the symbols landed on the activated paylines AND on your wager size.

There is a max button is on the main screen and it will let you go all in with just one click.

Once you are done making adjustments to your settings, you are ready to hit the spin button. After landing a winning combination, a Gamble button pops up. If you decide to play the gambling game, make sure you try your best to make the correct guess. In the gambling game, you have to guess which of the head or tail of the shark will appear next. If you make the correct guess, your reward will double. However, if your guess turns out to be wrong then you will be taken back to the main game, but without your wager.

Reel Symbols- There are 9 basic symbols in the paytable and the first half of them are the classic card symbols going from 9 to the King. These symbols are seen a lot on the reels, but they do not pay out much.

Other symbols you will see are Eels, Octopi, Jellyfish, Angler Fish, and more.

The Scatter and the Wild Symbols- The Hammer Shark is the wild symbol and it replaces all of the other symbols in order to create more winning combinations. If you land at least 3 of these symbols, the 2-Way Pay feature gets activated. All of the combinations from the next 10 spins will give out rewards from left to right and vice versa.

The Great White Shark is the scatter symbol. If you land at least three of these, you will receive cash and 10 free spins. These free spins can be retriggered up to 3 times. Winnings are doubled in level 2 and in level 3 they are tripled.

Final Thoughts About Deep Sea Danger- Deep Sea Danger is a slot that you should definitely check out. It has all of the classic elements that makes slot players love a slot game. It has decent graphics and a nice amount of bonus rounds. Another great thing about this slot is that it appeals to all slot players. You will definitely miss out on a lot if you do not play Deep Sea Danger.