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DJ Wild Slot – Be a DJ with this Pokies Game

Ever wanted to know what it was like being a DJ playing in the best clubs in the world? Well if so, ELK Studio’s DJ Wild Slot is the right game for you.

Having fantasies is nice and all, but often at times they are nowhere near like what reality is. Partying in different continents is pretty expensive and a lot of people do not have the money to do so. However, thanks to DJ Wild Slot, this can change. This game offers up to 170,000 coins. Some big prizes can be won. Guess what? These prizes can be used for your travel expenses when booking the trip of a lifetime.

ELK is a new game company in the online slot world. Even though it is new, it has begun to make waves in the industry. The new game company has been making a lot of noise with DJ Wild. Its graphics are vibrant and it has neon colorway which makes the slot have a contemporary look and this is the area in which a lot of slots lack in.

Its soundtrack is fairly mellow and it does not take away from the gaming experience. If a player does get annoyed by it then they do have the option to mute the sound.

This game has five reels and 20 paylines. The wins in this game go from left to right.


Dance Until You Can’t Anymore- This is a slot that contains elements of the standard format of slots. Those elements are character, face, and special symbols that are put in place to make sure the wins offered are lucrative and each spin offers a large amount of potential.

The face symbols in this game are a range of fruits that will keep your energy going and will have you continue to dance/spin the reels for hours. Betting size do play a role in all of the wins.

The first symbols in this game are the cherries. Each of these cherries give out 20 coins for matching 3, 60 coins for four and then 80 coins for five. Lemons give out 40 coins for 3, 60 coins for four, and 80 coins for five.

Headphones- 80 coins (3), 140 coins (4), 200 coins (5)

Decks- 100 coins (3), 200 coins (4), 300 coins (5)

Mixing Desk- 200 coins (3), 300 coins (4), 500 coins (5)

Synthesizer- 500 coins (3), 800 coins (4), 1,000 coins (5)

Then there is the juicy pair which are the melons and the plums. Each of these hand out 60 coins for 3, 80 coins for 4, and 100 coins if 5 are landed.

Time to get Wild- There is a wild in this game and it is the DJ wild. When it makes its appearance, it will replace all of the other symbols. Also, it expands the reels. If this is not enough to convince you, a re-spin gets triggered and guess what? That can be retriggered. Each additional wild gets revealed. More DJ Wilds gets added to reels 1, 2, 4, and 5 during each re-spin.

The DJ Wild can be replaced in a random matter with the tools for the DJ’s trade which are the Smoke, Fire, Confetti, and Lazer Wilds. In this game, the Smoke, Fire, and Confetti Wilds that expand vertically to have the three positions covered on any reel. Its Strobe and Lazer will expand horizontally to the right and cover the two positions.

A huge Jackpot Wild is added to reel 3 on the last re-spin if reels 1, 2, 4, and 5. This gives you the chance to win the enormous jackpot.

If you ever get tired of setting your bet amount for each spin, the Betting Strategies function can be used. This function allows players to form their own wagering requirements. Players have the ability to choose either Optimizer, Leveller, Booster, Jumper, or Optimizer is a set percentage of the balance. Leveller goes up after five loses in a row. Booster goes up on each loss. Jumper goes up after each win.

DJ Wild is a slot that has a party theme. It is a game that has plenty of prizes to offer. All of the prizes alone are enough to make many slot players play this game. These prizes will get your heart beating fast during the main game. Also, the wilds in this games give out a lot of potential since it has expanding symbols even though there is a lack of free spins. If you hit the jackpot, then you are going to want to dance for hours and hours. Have fun dancing and racking up some prizes when playing this game. The more prizes you win, the more you are going to want to dance and the bigger the smile on your face will be.