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Firelight Slot – Mythical Theme Pokie from Aristocrat

Those who love a mythical theme would definitely love playing Firelight slot a lot. It is a slot that was released by Aristocrat. This slot is available at all land-based casinos all around the world. For those who are not aware, Aristocrat is one of the most successful developers for online slots and for slots that are at land-based casinos.

Recently, the game was recently made for mobile devices. It is the type of game that is full of vibrant colors and graphics that look very well on mobile devices. The great thing about the mobile version of this slot is that it can be played wherever you are at. Also, it can be played at any time. This allows players to not be forced into missing out on all of the fun the slot provides and on having the chance at winning some money.

Features of the Slot- This is a slot that takes players back to ancient times in which magical powers were deeply focused on. The legend of the phoenix (a bird that goes up from its ashes) is the focus of the game.

Want to know why else you should play this game? It is a slot that has 5 reels and offers players 243 ways to win. It has no set number of paylines. In other words the player’s chances of winning goes up a lot during the game.

In this slot, the symbols include an idol, a ring, a volcano, a warrior, the phoenix, a drum, and five different card symbols that have a high value like K, Q, J, 10, and 9. Slot players would definitely love the fact that it offers huge payouts. This is why this game is one of the most popular slot machines at casinos. Even though the animations and graphics in this game could be better, they are still good enough to entertain a person while they are playing the game.

How to Play the Slot- The real money version of this slot is only available at land-based casinos. However, the mobile version is available for free to play. This is a slot that is available in denominations.

This slot is a penny machines. The minimum bet for this slot can be as low as $0.01 and $0.02. Its vitality is between low and medium. However, the payout percentage for this slot is higher than a lot of other games in its category.

The game is available on all Aristocrat cabinets. Their cabinets are installed at all casinos all around the world. The mobile version of this slot is available on the Apple’s store and it can be downloaded on all Apple mobile devices.

The land-based version of this slot is very user-friendly. It has easy access to the control system of the slot. Those include auto spin, spin, and other buttons that can be used to adjust bet amounts and the number of lines on the slot.

The power pay option is a very interesting feature of this slot. This allows players to bet 5 points more. The feature can be activated during the game.

Bonus Round- The scatter symbol of this slot is the phoenix. This is the only symbol in the slot that does not get replaced by the wild symbol, which is the lava symbol. In this slot, the lava symbol is also the multiplier. It multiplies the winnings by 2,3, or 5 times. If a player receives at least three scatter symbols then they will get free spins. While the free games are going on, the first and second reels in this slot come together to form a twin reel. This increases the odds of forming a winning payline.

Overall, this slot is very amazing. It is a slot that a person of any background and age can enjoy. Due to all of the combining factors of this slot, this slot deserves an A. The reason why this slot is receiving a high grade is because it has all of the needed factors that are necessary to make a game fun and entertaining for a variety of people. Making a game that is fun for a variety of people is something that some manufacturers lack in. However, Aristocrat has hit the nail with this slot. It is very unique among other slots that are online and at land-based casinos. Whenever you get a chance, you should definitely check this slot out. If you do not check it out, then you are going to be missing out on a whole lot, especially if you are a slot machine lover. This slot is able to provide an experience that is not forgettable through their land-based version, mobile version, and online version. Do not miss out on playing this wonderful unique slot.