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Frost Bite – Tedious Pokies Worth Avoiding

Frost Bite is a Microgaming pokie that uses a standard retro layout that has featured on some of their best and their worst pokies. Frost Bite can be found on a select number of Microgaming casinos, and not on all of them. It is available on Jackpot City though, and you can also scoop a big new member bonus if you signup now.


Frost Bite is a frozen pokie, with a blue and ice-cold feel to it. This actually works really well and it is bolstered by the symbols, which include blue “Bars” and snowflakes. However, it’s far from a great aesthetic and even when you ignore that, there is very little else to make this pokie a worthwhile one.

The maximum win on Frost Bite, for instance, is just 1,600 coins, and that’s only if you are playing 2 coins per spin, otherwise that maximum is halved.


These retro Microgaming pokies often have limited betting ranges, but on Frost Bite it’s even more limited. The minimum is $0.20, whilst the maximum is just $5.

Bonus Rounds

There are no bonus rounds to speak of on Frost Bite, which is not completely unexpected considering the limited nature of the pokie, but it’s still something that disappoints us.


We can take or leave many of the retro pokies that Microgaming have released over the years. Some of them have been well-thought out, some of them look like they have been rushed and are just not worth the time or the effort. Unfortunately, Frost Bite fits into the latter category. We just can’t see any major positives to this pokie and therefore can’t recommend it. That applies whether you like retro pokies or not, because there are so many better pokies on the market.