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Funny Faces Slot – Review

A lot of slots currently have a specific theme. A lot of slots have an Ancient Egypt theme or Ancient China. Some of them even have a science-fiction theme. In this slot machine world, basically anything goes. However, there are some slot games that have a heavy resistance classification. Funny Faces is a game that definitely does this. Portomaso Gaming is the developer of this slot. The theme of the atmosphere is party, but there are a lot of strange and hyper realistic party goes with different props, costumes, and funny faces.

When it comes to originality, this game is definitely interesting.

The Party- Like already mentioned, Funny Faces is set in the middle of a crowded party with a lot of guests who seem to be enjoying themselves.

The background of the game is green along with balloon and confetti surrounding the reels. However, it still takes up most of the screen space. Its command bar is the only other major element in sight. It is located at the bottom of the screen.

The game has a classic layout, but its graphics are not exceptional. However, the party guests are the best visual element of this game.

Making The Party Get Started- This game has a classic slot game rule style. Any player of this game is allowed to adapt their own bet settings to the game and can use their own strategy right from the start.

This game contains 5 spinning reels and 25 different paylines. They run in all kind of directions across the screen. In order to win a prize, specific combination of symbols have to appear on activated paylines once the reels stop spinning. This will give out cash rewards. The cash rewards are determined by the wager you placed and the type of symbols you landed. To pick a wager and make adjustments to coin values, you have to use the command bar that is located under the reels.

Also you bet settings will play a role in the value of your future payouts. Since this is the case, do not be scared to bet a bit more if you are feeling lucky. You do have the option to use the Auto Play game mode to place the same bet on a specific amount of spins in a row. Just using a single click, the reels will begin to spin and all of the awards you receive will get transferred to you as you win them.

The Paytable- The paytable of this game is full of homogenous symbols that are a representation of party guests making funny faces.

The guests in this game are actual people. They are tiny photos of real humans that wear wigs, colorful costumes, and improbably hats. Even though the end result of this game is unique, the symbols are hard to tell apart in the game.

In order to have a winning combination, you must land at least three identical guests. The lowest rewarding symbols of this game start from 2 to 5 credits. In regards to the rare symbols, their value is much higher. The rarer the symbol is, the more credit you are able to receive. From the basic menu, the maximum reward is 250 credits. However, it is strongly suggested that you take a look at the paytable of the game so that way you will become more familiar with the symbols on the reels.

The Surprises- There are some special symbols featured in this game like the wild symbol. The unexpected guest can pop up at any moment and substitute any other symbol on the reels to help you form more wins. Combination of wilds is worth up to 250 credits.

The other surprise guest is the scatter symbol. This symbol can form winning combinations anywhere on the reels. Landing at least three of these symbols will get you 10 free spins along with a 2x multiplier on each payout you have received.

The bonus symbol is the last one of this game. This symbol is needed to trigger the bonus game. You have to follow the rules that show up on the screen to make the party a success and receive up to 1410 extra credits.

This is a game that is based on originality and it does stand out, even though its gameplay and graphics are average. In regards to the rewards, they are modest compared to a lot of other slot games includes ones from Portomaso Gaming. However, this game is great for those who want to try something different in the slot world and want to play a slot that has originality to it. In this game, you will get to see where the party will take you and have a lot of fun making funny faces.