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Lets Make a Deal Slot – Game Show Themed Pokies

Game shows have a become a popular theme in the slot world and the Aristocrat’s Let’s Make a Deal slot is a wonderful example of how TV shows can be interactive in slot games. Currently, Wayne Brady is the host of the gameshow.

This game has 8 different bonus games and there is a lot that goes on in the base game as well.

The music from the slot comes from the TV show and it will make you feel like you are actually part of the game. That is far from it. Not only is this game very entertaining and has fantastic bonus games, but players also have a chance at winning the progressive jackpot that is huge. The top prize in this game can be as large as $250,000.

How to Receive Big Wins on the Game- Warning, there is a whole lot going on in the features and jackpots. There is so much going on that a person can be distracted from the core of the game.

The slot contains 5 reels and has 4 rows of symbols. Players can receive players just like on the regular slots. There are stacked symbols in this slot and ones that are double sized.

When a person is playing this game, they will notice that the individual wins are smaller and the prizes that are bigger come from several wins being lined up in the same spin. Those who are familiar with the symbols Aristocrat likes to use will recognize the playing card symbols.

Special scatter symbols trigger the bonuses. There are two types of special scatter symbols. Quick deal and the Money Box features can be triggered through their own symbols. In order to receive free spins games and the jackpot feature, at least three of the Let’s Make a Deal logos would have to land.

The Bonus Games- Those who are fans of the show will notice something familiar when they hit 3 of the logos. They will notice the 3 doors that are on the show. However, there is not a Zonk behind them. Instead of seeing the Zonk, they will see 3 out of the 5 possible features. Players have to wait until the screen scans across the doors and for 3 of the features to be seen at the same time. After 3 of the features are seen at the same time, the players have to tap on one of them to pick their bonus.

The best part about this game is the Big Deal progressive jackpot. Its progressive jackpot takes the upper hand of its tall cabinet. Not only does it do take advantage of the cabinet, but it makes you see what it is like being inside of the giant spinning wheel. When this occurs, players have to swipe the screen to make the spinning start. After the spinning starts, colored segments will begin to go past some of the central arrows. Some of the prizes offered in this game are small and there are some others that are bigger. Others feature one of the 4 progressive jackpot amounts goes from mini to the biggest one offered. The biggest one offered can reach $250,000. If one of the jackpots are hit, another shot is given to spin the reel and to trigger another one.

Another progressive feature that is on the slot that is attention grabbing is the Smash for Cash game. During the Smash for Cash game a screen with 10 pink piggy banks and it is located on the bottom of the cabinet. Also, a meter reaching up to a huge prize that is located on the top is seen during the Smash for Cash. During the game the pigs dance around and they are animated. Once they are touched, a big hammer smashes each one. Either a number of steps to go up the ladder is revealed or a Zonk. A Zonk ends the game. While hitting the cash prizes on the ladder, there will be a deal offered to collect them or hit more pigs to try get better. If a player continues and smashes a pig with Zonk behind it then they will only receive a half of the total win.

Each of the three bonuses are different free spins games. All three of their bonuses have their own symbols that are unique and they each have their own entertaining components. One example of this is the Nacho Cheese Hot Tub game. During the Nacho Cheese Hot Tub game, 10 free spins are given out. They come with extra symbols on the reels and they replace the top Wayne symbols. These symbols have X2 on them while they are in play. This multiplies the win by 2 and they also act like wilds.

This slot is very entertaining and it has a lot of action. Not only are the bonuses excellent, but so is the music and the graphics.