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Bells on Fire Hot slot

Bells on Fire Hot is an online slot machine developed by Amatic in 2016. 

The online video slot has 5 reels, 100 paylines, and the RTP of 96%. 

The casino game reminds of a classic retro-themed slot machine. The Bells on Fire Hot slot game is perfect for real money and demo play at various online casinos as well as at the best social casinos. 

How to play Bells on Fire Hot? 

Before you get into playing online slots for real money, we firmly suggest following this simple algorithm: 

  1. Register at a trustworthy online casino with an excellent reputation. 
  2. Go through the game rules and Paytables to be aware of the gameplay and the symbols that pay out the best. 
  3. Play Bells on Fire Hot with no payments – use its trial mode. 
  4. Decide on the most advantageous approach for yourself. How big will your bets be? How many paylines are you going to activate? 
  5. Set time and money limits to know when to quit. 

Similarly, like in any other video slot you can find at a land-based or web casino, what you need to do while playing Bells on Fire Hot is to catch 3 or more matching symbols on the slot reels that are going to form winning combinations. 

As everyone knows, the slot symbols rotating on the reels belong to one of the 2 categories: regular slot symbols and special Bonus symbols (Multipliers, Wilds, Scatters). 

Standard symbols are pictures of the same type and size; they don’t stand out and bring comparable winnings. 

In contrast, special Bonus symbols tend to stand out. They might have distinctive features, shapes, colors, or words written on them. 

Game developers are required to give all the crucial information describing slot symbols and their weight in Pay Tables. As we’ve already mentioned earlier, playing smart at online slots means to have a look at the pay tables in advance. Click the ‘Play’ button and look at the corners: you will see ‘Settings’, ‘Menu’, ‘Information’ buttons. The Paytables and description of the symbols will be somewhere there. 

The design of the Bells on Fire Hot game can make you think of classic Vegas slot machines with their popular bonus features, straightforward gameplay, and clear-cut images. 

The standard symbols rotated on the Bells on Fire Hot’s reels are cherries, lemons, and oranges. From that list, the symbols that are going to pay out the most are plums, grapes, and watermelons. Landing combinations of two, three, and four of similar best-paying symbols on winning lines is what gamblers need to achieve if you want to win. 

Bells on Fire Hot Bonus symbols: Scatters (the bells). Not only can the Bonus symbols trigger the best jackpots, but they also possess special powers. We are going to talk about it a couple of paragraphs later. 

Bells on Fire Hot allows online players to choose the wagered amount. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons at the bottom to wager more or less. Undoubtedly, larger wages ensure more sizeable payouts. However, they will give you fewer chances to land a winning combination. 

Don’t begin with big stakes. Keep in mind that the more time you play, the better chances you get to hit the right combination. Slot players can achieve it with the lowest wages and prolonged games. 

Plus, there is an ‘Autoplay’ button at the bottom of the screen. It launches the autoplay function: the online gambler doesn’t have to click on the ‘spin’ button after each spin, and the virtual reels will spin automatically. 

Another important setting to pay attention to is the number of activated pay lines. Activating a payline is betting money on it. If you play an online slot with just a few activated pay lines, you miss plenty of chances to form a winning combination. Try experimenting with it in a demo mode, and you will notice how infrequent winning spins become with fewer activated pay lines. We believe that paying for triggering all the pay lines is definitely rewarding. 

Where to play Bells on Fire Hot? 

Bells on Fire Hot is included in game selections at the best online casinos. 

We are sure that the Bells on Fire Hot will guarantee unbiased game outcomes and established payouts because we have only witnessed that Amatic always introduces legitimate online games of top-notch quality. 

Well, what players have to take care of is the license of the online casino they have signed in with. If it is licensed, you won’t have to concern yourself with dodgy game outcomes and unpaid winnings. 

Mobile version review

Bells on Fire Hot video slot is compatible with mobile devices and computers. Players don’t have to install any other software to enjoy playing Bells on Fire Hot slot game for real money or for free on their mobile phones or tablets. 

Slot players just have to look for the video slot online through a web browser and start gambling. Bells on Fire Hot video slot is mobile-responsive: it is going to fit in with the device you gamble on smoothly. 

Nonetheless, we recommend testing how well the features of the Bells on Fire Hot game will function on your mobile phone or tablet, because the efficiency of mobile compatibility might be determined by the producer, operating system, series, and year. 

Bonus Symbols

In addition to the standard symbols of the Bells on Fire Hot video slot – cherries, lemons, and oranges – there are special Bonus symbols with extra functions. In Bells on Fire Hot, these are the bells – the Scatter symbol. 

Scatter symbols are designed to make gambling much more gripping. The Bonus symbols don’t appear frequently during the game, but they definitely do make you thrilled. And here is the reason why. 

In Bells on Fire Hot, there are no wilds, but scatters instead. They are programmed to substitute for the other symbols on the reels when there is a possibility to form a winning combination. 

When the scatters (the bells) are included in a winning combination, they multiply the winnings or trigger a Bonus game. 

Jackpots and Big Wins

The biggest prize Bells on Fire Hot offers to online gamblers is $50000. You will trigger it by landing a combination of the best-paying symbols: plums, grapes, and watermelons. 

Bonus Features

The best-known extras of video slots are Bonus games, Gambling options, Free Re-spins. 

Scatter symbols often trigger built-in free spins. From time to time, the online slot itself grants them randomly – what on earth can be more enjoyable for a gambler than that? 

Bonus games are likely to present a slot player with a few themed symbols they can choose from (for example, it might be boxes or chests). Depending on the move you make, you might receive Bonus rounds, some coins, a multiplier. 

Slot players can launch a Gambling round after landing a winning combination. A flashing button (‘Gamble’) will light up under the usual ‘Play’ button. Whenever you decide to go for it, you have to risk the coins you have just won. Your main job here in the Gambling round is to predict a color of a playing card that will be shown on the screen. If you succeed, Bells on Fire Hot will pay you some extra. The wrong guess, on the contrary, will leave you without the winnings. 

No Deposit Free Spins

So, some online casino games have ‘inside’ free spins – a bonus feature that grants gamblers an opportunity to spin some rounds ‘on the house’. Free Spins increase the winning chances and raise the entertainment level. 

In-game Free Spins aren’t the only bonus re-spins slot players can receive. Along with the in-game game bonuses, online casinos grant their players a number of No Deposit and Deposit casino bonuses, and Free Spins are usually on the bonus list. 

You receive some free spins after making a minimum deposit. After that, they are able to apply the Free Spins to the slot games suggested in the Bonus Terms and Conditions. 

You are not likely to receive Free Spins with No deposit as frequently as Free Spins upon a deposit. Online casinos prefer to grant No Deposit Free Spins to new gamblers upon registration. As the Bonus title might suggest, you don’t have to make a deposit and can start gambling online for free at that very moment. The only obstacle you will come across down the road is meeting a wagering requirement. 

According to the Bonus Terms and Conditions of any online casino, a player has to fulfill a wagering requirement to be able to withdraw the bonus winnings. 

In other words, after having spent all the No Deposit Free Spins, you have to multiply the winnings by the wager coefficient. (In general, a wager ranges from 10x to 80x. ) The result you get after working out these simple maths is the number of credits you must wager in the same game. Only after that, will you be allowed to withdraw the Free Spins winnings. 

How to play Bells on Fire Hot for real money? 

The online gamblers who want to play Bells on Fire Hot for real money online will need to: 

  • Search for a licensed online casino. 
  • Confirm that the players from their country can sign in the online casino. 
  • Register and create a new account. 
  • Be ready to provide copies of documents to verify the identity. 
  • Deposit real money (according to the online casino T&C). 
  • Check the online casino Bonus T&C carefully and ask for a bonus offer (if it is possible). 
  • Go through the Paytables and special game functions. 
  • Play Bells on Fire Hot without making a deposit first using its demonstrative mode. 
  • Regulate the bet amounts and the number of paylines. 
  • Establish money and time limitations|Figure out how to control your gambling budget to know when to stop. 

As soon as all these measures have been taken, the gambler can start playing Bells on Fire Hot for real money. 

How to play Bells on Fire Hot for free? 

If you want to play Bells on Fire Hot online for fun, you had better do the following: 

Look for Bells on Fire Hot through a web browser. 

Check whether the online casino has a demo mode of Bells on Fire Hot . 

If the online slot can’t be played for free at online casinos, you can look for it in social casinos or casino simulation apps. 

Start playing Bells on Fire Hot for free online. 

Playing Bells on Fire Hot online for free at a social casino or in demo mode doesn’t allow you to receive any real cash winnings. To earn real money, players need to make a deposit first and have a valid casino account. 

Slot RTP

RTP (Return to Player Percentage) is a share of the wagered amount delivered to the casino wallet by an online slot that will be paid back to gamblers in the form of jackpots or real-money prizes over a time period. For example, if RTP equals 90%, the slot players are bound to get 90% of the total sum spent on the game for more than 1 million spins. Actually, the question about how long this period lasts still stands. Normally, online casinos pay out 89% – 97% to their gamblers. 

The Bells on Fire Hot RTP equals 96%. 

We want to point out that RTP doesn’t show how many percents you personally will gain from each dollar bet in the game. Nobody will guarantee you 96% of your $1000, even if you keep spending money on Bells on Fire Hot. RTP is a parameter that will be calculated considering a thousand other gamblers. 

Gambling tips

Licensed game developers won’t tolerate dodgy results. 

Video slots have in-built computerized algorithms developed to provide unpredictable game results or the closest thing to it. It means that there isn’t a good chance to know how the next spin will end for a common gambler. 

Online slots are games of chance, by definition. A player can’t influence the way the combinations of slot symbols are built. Having taken all that into consideration, we have collected a couple of tips for playing and winning at video slots. 

  1. Safety. Register and play for real money only at reliable casino sites with great feedback and fair payouts. 
  2. Reputation and History. Favour game titles from well-established companies to gamble for real money. 
  3. Hit frequency. Gamblers have to know what they want from the slot and what gambling style they have. If you are fine with numerous but modest wins, consider online slots with low volatility. Online gamblers who think it’s not a problem for them to play longer to get bigger payoffs might choose slots with high volatility and progressive slots. Remember that the number of paylines and reels carries weight when it comes to hit frequency and paid-out amounts. The more active pay lines and reels a video slot has, the more winning combinations there are to cover. Consequently, the player will have smaller chances to land one of them. And maybe a 3-reel Vegas-style classic is exactly what you need, no matter how unimpressive the graphics and music are. 
  4. Be always aware. Everyone who gambles online for real money should be familiar with symbol combinations and the rules of the chosen game not to miss a chance for its bonuses and extras. The same rule goes for casino Terms and Conditions. Online gamblers must understand all of them. Without exceptions. 
  5. Demo. Use the chance: play the online slot in a free demo mode first. 
  6. Baby steps. In the very beginning, place the lowest bets. Since virtual slot machines don’t require any skills, the winning chances go up with an increasing number of attempts. Small wages lead to a prolonged game. 
  7. Fight for better chances. Activate as many paylines as possible. When you gamble with a few activated paylines, you are going to miss a lot of chances to hit a winning combination. 

Plus, never forget about the fun part. Virtual slots are entertainment, and the safest approach to the fact that you will win or lose real money playing them is to have fun. If online gambling becomes a way to make a living, it stops being entertaining. 


On a final note, we would repeat it once again that Bells on Fire Hot by Amatic is a reliable video slot with decent RTP percentage – 96% and all the classic slot features: scatters, multipliers, free spins, and Bonus games. 

Keep in mind the basic rules of online slots and their gameplay, stay safe, and have fun with Bells on Fire Hot. 

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