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Simply the best 81 slot

Simply the best 81 is an online slot machine created by Kajot Games in 2022. The game features Quantity Lines paylines, 4 reels, and the RTP of 95,9%. The story happens in the ocean: Simply the best 81 welcomes all the online slot lovers to hang out there. The Simply the best 81 slot is available for real money and demo play at various online casinos and also at the top social casinos. 

How to play Simply the best 81? 

Before you take up gambling online hoping to receive real-money winnings, we strongly recommend taking the following steps: 

  1. Register at a trustworthy online casino with a solid reputation. 
  2. Look into the game rules and pay tables to be well aware of the gameplay and the symbols that pay out the best. 
  3. Play Simply the best 81 for free – use its trial version. 
  4. Work out the most advantageous gambling style for yourself. Will you activate all the paylines? How big (or small) will your bets be? 
  5. Set money and time restrictions to control your gambling behavior. 

Just like in any other online slot you will come across at a land-based or web casino, your aim when playing Simply the best 81 is going to be to land three or more matching symbols on the reels that are going to form winning combinations. As you probably know, the slot symbols rotating on the reels fall into two categories: regular slot symbols and special Bonus symbols (Scatters, Wilds, Multipliers). Standard symbols are symbols of similar style; they don’t differ in their look and have comparable values. At the same time, special Bonus symbols usually stand out. They might have unique features, shapes, colors, or letters written on them. 

Video slot providers always provide all the crucial information concerning standard and Bonus symbols and their weight in Pay Tables. As we’ve already mentioned earlier, playing smart at online slots means to study the pay tables before playing the game. Hit ‘Play’ and check the bottom of the screen: you are going to notice ‘Menu’, ‘Information’, ‘Settings’ buttons. The Paytables and description of the symbols are regularly placed somewhere there. The style of the Simply the best 81 game may remind you of old-school Vegas casino games with their straightforward gameplay, sharp images, attractive bonus features. The regular symbols rotated on the Simply the best 81’s reels are Dollar, Orange, cherry. When you are gambling, the symbols that will bring you the best winnings are Bell, Watermelon, Star. Hitting combinations of 2, 3, and 4 of similar best-paying symbols on winning lines is what you should aim at to trigger a payout. 

Simply the best 81 features two kinds of special Bonus symbols: Wilds Joker and Scatters BAR. Not only will these symbols lead to substantial payouts, but they also possess special powers. We will review all of them in detail a couple of paragraphs later. 

Simply the best 81 provides online gamblers with an opportunity to adjust the wagered amount. You will need ‘+’/‘-’ buttons in the lower corner to wager more or less. Clearly, bigger wages ensure better jackpots. However, they allow fewer attempts to land a winning combination. 

Avoid starting with big bets. Stick to the principle that the more you play, the higher odds you get to trigger the right combination. You are most likely to pull it off when they opt for the smallest stakes and slower gambling. 

Also, there is an ‘Autoplay’ option in the lower part of the screen. It switches on the autoplay function: the slot player doesn’t have to hit ‘play’ after each round, and the virtual reels will change automatically. 

Another setting to regulate is the number of activated winning lines. Activating a payline implies placing a bet on it. As long as you play a video slot with only a couple of active paylines, you are missing plenty of opportunities to form a winning combination. Try activating and deactivating paylines in a demo mode, and you are going to notice how rare winning spins get with minimum active paylines. In our opinion, spending money on activating all the pay lines is certainly rewarding. 

Where to play Simply the best 81? 

Simply the best 81 is a part of slot collections at many online casinos. Online gamblers are invited to play this slot game for free or for real money at: 

  • Play Amo online casino. 
  • Bit Starz casino. 
  • Spin Samurai. 
  • Woo online casino. 
  • 7Bit online casino. 
  • Lucky Dreams online casino. 
  • Bizzo casino. 
  • Slots Million casino. 
  • King Billy casino. 
  • Ricky casino. 

We believe that the Simply the best 81 will ensure unbiased results and regular payouts because we have only witnessed that Kajot Games always develops valid video slot games of top-notch quality. 

So, what online gamblers have to pay attention to is the legitimacy of the online casino they have registered in. when it is certified, you won’t need to think about rigged games and unpaid winnings. 

Mobile version review

Simply the best 81 works well on both mobile devices and computers. Slot players don’t have to us any other programs to enjoy playing Simply the best 81 slot for real money or for free on their mobile phones or iPads. 

Slot players just need to find the video slot in a search engine and get going. Simply the best 81 slot game is mobile-responsive: it must fit in with the mobile device you will be using seemingly. 

Even so, we recommend checking how well the graphics of the Simply the best 81 game will look on your mobile phone or tablet, because the efficiency of mobile compatibility may be determined by the series, operating system, producer, and year. 

Bonus Symbols

Besides the regular slot symbols of the Simply the best 81 video slot – cherry, Dollar, Orange – there are special Bonus symbols with unique functions. In our video slot, they are Wild – the Wild symbol and Scatter – the Scatter symbol. Wilds and Scatters are introduced to make the gameplay much more gripping. Scatter and Wild symbols don’t come up very often on the reels, but they definitely do make a player happy. And here is the reason. 

In Simply the best 81, the wilds of the game Joker are able to replace other slot symbols on the reels when there is a chance to finish a winning combination. It implies that Wild symbols popping up somewhere during the game increase the winning chances. If the Scatters of the game occupy a spot in a winning combination, these slot symbols activate a Bonus game or multiply the payout. 


The most substantial jackpot Simply the best 81 grants to online gamblers is Jackpot. You will trigger it by hitting a the best-paying combination: Star, Watermelon, Bell. 

The Wild and Scatter symbols, because of their special features, could also participate in releasing the biggest jackpots. They activate bonus rounds, help form a winning combination, multiply the successful results. 

Bonus Features

The best-known bonuses of video slots are Gambling options, Free Bonus rounds, Bonus games. The Scatters often trigger in-game free spins. Sometimes, the online slot itself rewards them automatically – is there anything that is more enjoyable for a gambler than that? Bonus games can present a player a few themed symbols they can choose from (for instance, it could be chests or boxes). Depending on your choice, you might receive some coins, a multiplier, free spins. 

Players can launch a Gambling option after they land a winning combination. A flashing sign (‘Gamble’) will switch on next to the regular ‘Spin’ button. When you decide to opt for it, you might risk all the credits you have just gained. What you need to do in the Gambling game is to guess a suit of a playing card that will appear face down. If you succeed, the slot will double your winnings. The incorrect guess, on the contrary, will leave you without the winnings. 

No Deposit Free Spins

As we’ve already explained, some slot games might offer built-in free spins – a bonus that gives online gamblers an opportunity to spin the reels free of charge. Free Spins improve the winning odds and raise the the level of enjoyment. 

Built-in free spins aren’t the only free spins slot players can expect. Along with the built-in game bonuses, online casinos give their players different No Deposit and Deposit casino bonuses, where Free Spins are usually one of the most popular casino bonuses. Gamblers are given some free spins after depositing a required amount. And then, they can use the Free Spins bonus while playing the video slots listed in the Bonus Terms and Conditions. 

You may not be offered No Deposit free spins as frequently as deposit Free Spins bonuses. Virtual casinos prefer to offer No Deposit Free Spins to new players after signing-up. As the Bonus title might suggest, you aren’t required to deposit real money and can start gambling online for free that very moment. The only obstacle you will encounter soon is the play-through procedure. 

As stated in Bonus Terms and Conditions of any online casino, an online gambler has to satisfy a wagering requirement in order to withdraw the No Deposit winnings. In other words, after having used all the Free Spins, you will need to multiply the wager coefficient by the won amount. (As a rule, a play-through amount varies from 15x to 70x. ) The result you end up with after applying these simple maths is how many coins you need to wager playing the same slot. Only after having done that, will online gamblers be allowed to withdraw the No Deposit Free Spins winnings. 

How to play Simply the best 81 for real money? 

Those who would like to play the Simply the best 81 slot online for real money will have to: 

  1. Find a licensed online casino. 
  2. Make sure that the residents of their country may join the online casino. 
  3. Register and make an account. 
  4. You might be requested to submit some of your documents in order to confirm the identity. 
  5. Deposit real money (according to the online casino T&C). 
  6. Read the the online casino Bonus T&C carefully and get a suitable casino bonus (if it’s worth it). 
  7. Go through the pay tables and bonus features. 
  8. Play Simply the best 81 without making a deposit first with the help of its demo. 
  9. Decide on the bets and the number of paylines. 
  10. Mark time and money limitations|Figure out how to control your gambling budget to know when to quit. 

As soon as all these measures have been made, the gambler may start playing Simply the best 81 for real money online. 

How to play Simply the best 81 for free? 

If you want to play Simply the best 81 online for fun, you need to: 

  • Search for Simply the best 81 online. 
  • Check whether the online casino offers a demonstrative version of Simply the best 81. 
  • If the game is not available for free at online casinos, you can look for it in social casinos or free mobile applications. 
  • Start playing Simply the best 81 for free online. 

Playing Simply the best 81 for free online in demonstrative mode or at a social casino will not give you a chance to get real cash winnings. To earn real money, you need to make a real-money deposit first and have a verified casino account. 

Simply the best 81 RTP

RTP at slots, aka Return to Player Percentage, is a percentage of the wagered amount contributed to the casino income by an online slot that will be given back to online gamblers in the form of cash prizes or jackpots over a time. For example, if RTP is estimated at 90%, the slot players can expect to get 90% of all the money spent on this slot for more than 1,000,000 rounds. In fact, the question about how long this period lasts still stands. On average, online casinos return 89% – 98% to their players. 

The RTP of Simply the best 81 is 95,9. 

You have to understand that the RTP parameter doesn’t determine how many percents you personally are likely to earn from each dollar bet in the game. Online casinos don’t promise you the 95,9 of your $1000, even if you keep spending money on Simply the best 81. It is a figure that will take into account hundreds of people just like you. 

Tips and Tricks for playing online slots

Licensed slot developers will never permit dubious outcomes. 

Online slots have in-built Random Numbers Generators devised to provide unexpected game outcomes or the closest thing to it. It means that there is no legal way to know how the next spin will end if you are not a prodigy programmer. 

Casino slots are games of chance, by definition. A player has a minimal impact on the way the combinations of slot symbols are built. With that in mind, we have listed some suggestions for playing and winning at video slots. 

  1. Safety is Number One priority. Register and play for real money only at legitimate casino sites with good feedback and confirmed payouts. 
  2. History. Choose video slots from reputable companies to gamble for real money. 
  3. Frequency hit. Slot players should understand what they want from the online slot and what gambling style they have. If you are looking for regular but moderate wins, a suitable option for you is online slots with low volatility. Those who can wait longer for bigger payouts should try slots with high volatility and progressive jackpots. Keep in mind that the number of activated paylines and reels plays a role when it comes to hit frequency and payout amounts. The more lines and reels a video slot features, the more winning combinations exist. It also means that the gambler will have worse chances to land a winning combination. And sometimes a 3-reel old-school classic will be the thing you need, no matter how ordinary the visuals and music are. 
  4. Knowledge. You need to know slot paytables and the rules of the chosen game to make a good use of the slot extras. The same also applies to Terms and Conditions established by any online casino. Online gamblers must understand all of them. No questions asked. 
  5. Demo. Don’t be too confident: play the game in a trial mode for free first. 
  6. Dipping your toes. In the very beginning, place minimal stakes. As virtual slot machines are not skill-based games, the winning chances go up with a growing number of rounds. Low wages are what can ensure a prolonged game. 
  7. Make your chances better. Play with the maximum number of activated paylines. If you play with just a couple of active paylines, you will miss a considerable number of chances to land a winning combination. 

Additionally, enjoy the fun part. Video slots are a recreational activity, and the safest way to deal with the fact that you might win or lose real money playing them is to have fun. As soon as online gambling becomes a way to make a buck, it stops being safe. 


On a final note, we would like to point out once again that Simply the best 81 by Kajot Games is a reputable slot game with an adequate Return to Player Percentage – 95,9 and all the classic slot elements: scatters, Bonus games, multipliers, wilds, free spins. 

Stick to the basic rules of casino games and their gameplay, play safely, and enjoy Simply the best 81. 

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