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Glory of Rome – Pokies with Roman Empire Theme

Glory of Rome is a 5 reel, 20 payline pokie that was developed by Microgaming and is based on the glory of the Roman empire, which ruled over a large part of the globe for hundreds of years before its decline kick-started the dark ages. This pokie has been out for a few years already, but it is often overlooked. The question is whether or not this is justified, and whether or not Glory of Rome is a worthwhile pokie. To find out for yourself, pay a visit to Spin Palace.

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The aesthetics on Glory of Rome are very basic in places, but great in others. This mis-match is forgivable once you take a look at the payline info. That’s because there are symbols that pay up to 5,000x, as well as symbols that pay 1,500x. The wild is the biggest and this comes in the form of a Roman emperor, but everything other than the standard symbols return decent amounts.


Glory of Rome has just 20 paylines and you can play each of these for $0.01, which amounts to a minimum bet of $0.20. The game works in coins, and you can play a maximum of 20 of these per line.

Bonus Rounds

You need three or more of the gladiator symbol in order to trigger the bonus feature. As soon as this happens, 8 free spins are awarded and a number of shields appear. From here you have to make a few selections, unlocking more free spins as you go.


Glory of Rome was launched in 2006 and its age shows. However, there are enough positives here for us to ignore the graphics and to enjoy everything else that this game offers, from the big wins to the bonus feature.