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High Fashion Slot – Experience Model Runways With This Slot

Ever wanted to know what it is like working behind the scenes at a fashion show? Well here is your opportunity to experience that through playing High Fashion slot developed by Real Time Gaming. The fashion world and the slot world comes together and creates a dynamic fashion show experience that cannot be forgotten. Not only will you able to be in contact with pretty models and famous designers, but you are also able to win prizes for finding items that are needed to make the show run smoothly. If the show runs smoothly, you can receive a lot of bonuses that include Wild Models, The Model Feature, Runway Feature, and Scattered Runways. That is not it. It features both minor and major progressive jackpots.

The cost for the backstage passes start off pretty cheaply with the spinning stakes being from just 0.01 coins for each spin. Players can even look at this fashion show from the latest tablets, iPads, and kindles.

The Highest in the Fashion- Milan, Paris, New York, and London are all of the top places for fashion. Each of these places are perfect for this 5×3 reel slot. It is the type of slot that will have you in a zone right after you get your first glimpse of a model. After getting your glimpse, you will be more impressed with how much you can receive for helping at one of the big fashion events.

The Paris Prizes- There are a lot of things that happens at once backstage at a fashion show. However, the most important part of working backstage is making sure you get the items to where they are supposed to be at. If you are able to do this, you can receive 100 coins for lipsticks, 250 coins for cameras, 150 coins for red-sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes, and 1,250 coins for Ralph Lauren.

It is crucial to be aware that some models have big egos. When these models make their appearances on reels 1 or 5 they will become wild. Once they go wild they will take over the entire reel. Due to their popularity, all of the other symbols will have to move out their way. This means that the player will be able to receive even more prizes. Also, those prizes will be doubled. If a model is landed on reels 1 and 5 at the same time, the Model Feature of 5 Free Games will be given with at least one of the models going fully wild.

The most important action happens on the runway. If all five are found then 100x the total bet will be given. Also 3-5 of them will activate five more free games. Players can also receive one of the two randomly awarded progressive jackpots along with the $200 worth minor jackpot.

High Heels and the Stakes- Heels are a major part of most fashion shows. During a lot of fashion shows, a lot of the models were heels that are high. Even though the heels in this slot are high, the spin-stakes do not have to be. The minimum bet for this game is only 0.01 coins for each spin. However, if all 25 lines are being played then the minimum bet is 0.25 coins. Even if all 25 lines are played, the maximum bet is still just 6.25 for each spin.

The slot is very entertaining, especially for those who have a huge interest in fashion and modeling. While playing this game, you can also get a glimpse of what it is like working at a fashion show.

Fashion shows can be pretty interesting and fun if everything is ran right. While playing this game, make sure you try your hardest to make sure that everything goes right for the big show. If everything goes well for the show, not only will you be more respected but you can also win a huge prize. That huge prize can be a huge life changer for you.

Since the slot revolves around fashion shows and fashion plays a huge role in the world of today….best believe that this slot will always remain in fashion.

Fashion is something that we see every day. Using fashion as a theme for a slot, is another way of the slot machine industry finding ways to capitalize off of things that society loves. Obviously, this is not a bad thing.

Even if you do not have a heavy interest in the fashion industry, there is still a chance that it might still be fun for you. Plus the prizes that this game offers can be enough to make a person want to play this slot. Who knows? You could be that one lucky winner through playing this slot. You will never know unless you try.