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Intertops Slots – Train Themed Pokies for Money

Intertops is a Microgaming pokie that has a unique theme, but one that uses a somewhat tired layout. This layout has been used on many quality pokies, but it has also been used on many poor ones. The question is which one of those is Intertops? To find out what we thought about it, read on. To play it for yourself, head for Spin Palace.

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Intertops is all about high-speed trains, trains that carry cash. We’re not really sure what the connection is, and in all honesty, it doesn’t really work. There are many retro symbols used, and these look a little out of place next to a rather poorly designed train symbol. However, if you can ignore the aesthetic then Intertops is not all that bad. For one thing, it has a large maximum win, with 5,000 coins on offer, and with several other big wins below this amount. All of these are unlocked via the train symbol, and every other symbol, no matter how many of them you get, pays very little.

The Intertops is also wild though, so that does go someway to boosting all other symbols when it lands in the same paylines.


Retro pokies typically have a very limited betting range. However, Intertops’ betting range is a little better, with a minimum of $0.25 and a maximum of $25 per spin. The jackpot, as discussed above, is 5,000 coins.

Bonus Rounds

There are no bonus features on Intertops, which is not a surprise with this type of pokie. There is a wild, mentioned above, but the omission of a bonus round is a bit of a letdown.


We’re not entirely sure what to think of Intertops. It doesn’t have the best aesthetic and there are no bonus features, but for a retro pokie, it has a big jackpot, a wide betting range and a wild. Those features are what save Intertops in our eyes.