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Lux Night Slot – Review

People all over the world dream of having a certain type of lifestyle that is one that contains grandeur and luxury. In order to have this type of lifestyle, money cannot be a concern. When money is not a concern, you have the ability to do whatever you want and when you want without having any type of financial worry. Aforementioned details show much power money has.

YoYouGaming released a casino slot that is centered on the luxurious lifestyle called, the Lux Night Slot. Since this game is a representation of the upper-class, one must wonder what can be expected from this slot. This article will break down the game piece by piece.

Living the High Life- Lux Night contains everything you would expect from a slot with a theme based on the luxurious lifestyle in the online slot world. In the background for this game, there are beautiful sights. These beautiful sights situates itself up in the sky looking down at one of the world’s most beautiful hotels. Its title banner is made out of gold that is pure. It shines and sparkles in such a way that only this type of gold can. When you get going with this game, you will expect a lot of gold.

The Bling, Gold, and Diamonds- The symbols in this game are far from a disappointment. All of the letter/number symbols are made of lights that are bright. These letters look like the type that are on put on a billboard before you walk into your favorite nightclub. There are dollar signs full of diamonds, Rolexes, Bentleys, a Yacht, designer purses, red gems, and diamond rings. Those who took part in designing in this slot, definitely wanted to show off a lot of wealth, this game is very extravagant.

Going From Rags to Riches- Thankfully through this game, your bankroll does not matter. Your current life situations do not matter either in this game. This game will be able to bend it. In addition to that, the control system that is provided is very adaptable. This easy control panel is located at the bottom of the game screen. Here is where you will see and recognize that the buttons are a representation of theme, they are soft yellow.

For this game, you will use most of the time in the middle display. Right here is where you are able to make credit adjustments along with adjustments to the bets for each line, and the lines that will be in play. Once you are satisfied with all of your settings, you are ready to hit the spin button which is located on the right side.

When you win, your total wins appear on the right side of the spinning button. If you do not want to bother with the displays and go all in from the outset, you can use the max bet that is on the left side of the display.

Going From Electronica to Jazz- This is a slot that offers a lot of potential for large wins which is right for this type of slot game. There are five reels and 30 paylines in this game. While it is waiting for you to hit the spin button, music is playing. The music in this game sounds like you are at a club where there are lights flashing and making everything move in a slow motion manner. When you have a win, jazz riffs are played that can be over the top, which is actually great in order to break stake. However, it lets the overall theme of this game remain in place.

A Wild Night- The bonus features makes this game more special. There is a wild symbol that will replace itself in order to finish any active paylines you might have. Also, there are four jackpots provided in this game. When you land three jackpot symbols on the reels, one of them will be awarded to you.

Bentleys- There are bonus prizes offered in this game along with free spins. Free spins can be won by landing at least three Bentley symbols. You also have the opportunity to win more free spins if you land some more free spins while you are playing the free spins round. For each scatter, you will be given another free spin. This means there are huge cost free action flowing through the game.

The Lux Night slot offers a whole lot to the players, which is why this game is so special. This is a game that is definitely worth playing and it offers a lot of great prizes and features. These prizes and features are definitely one to remember. This game will make you want to keep living the luxurious life during the entire game session.