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Luxor Slot Review – Pokies with Ancient Egyptian Theme

Have you ever thought about traveling back in time and putting yourself in the ancient Egyptian civilization which is a well-known and loved theme?

Luxor is a video slot designed by Espresso and it has a distinctive cartoon atmosphere to a classic theme. Not only does it have a distinctive cartoon atmosphere to this game, but it gives players a generous amount of bonus features and they are ready to be triggered each spin and get some extra coins.

Do some research on Luxor and take a look around the temple before having your first bet placed on the reels. This is an article that will give you insight about the online slot game.

Going Into the Past- Those who are experienced slot players definitely know that Ancient Egypt is one of the most popular themes in the slot world. If you are an experienced slot player then this game will be familiar to you.

The reels take up a good portion of the screen space and they are placed within the decorated wall of an Egyptian temple. The hieroglyphs in this game are full of details and they are set up to encompass the command buttons down on the lower area of the screen.

Even though this game might follow the traditions of a classic theme, but the graphic quality of this game really makes up for it. If you want to learn more about the gameplay, then you should continue to read this article.


The Start Up of the Game- The gameplay of this game is very similar to a lot of other Espresso games and really modern slot games in general. Lets go over the different steps you have to take before the reels can even spin.

This is a game that has 5 reels and 18 paylines. The paylines are there to determine where combinations of matching symbols have to land in order for cash rewards to be triggered. You must use the buttons right under the reels to pick a wager and place it on as many paylines as you like. Once you make adjustments to your settings the reels will be ready to start spinning.

When playing this game it is important to understand that all of the rewards in this game are based on the combinations they land on the screen and on the amount of money put in. Basically, if you want to aim for larger rewards then you are going to have to bet larger. Another option you have is to use the max button to go all in at once. Otherwise, through the autoplay game mode, you will be able to place the same wager for many spins in a row.

Uncovering the Secrets- The paytable for this game is split in an even matter between the classic reel symbols and theme appropriate icons and they will blend in with the universe of the game very well. The rewards that will be discussed correspond to a one coin wager.

The most common icons on the reels are the standard card symbols (10-Ace). Not only are they the most common icons, but they have the least values. All of their winning combinations are of 3, 4, or 5 identical symbols. They are worth anywhere between 5 and 300 credits.

The rest of the paytable contains a cobra, a panther, the pharaoh’s golden mask, a mummy, and of course the Queen of Egypt. For some of these symbols, you can win a prize through landing a combination of two of them. However the rarest of them give out a small prize, even by themselves. Landing long combinations of the queen will give out a percentage of the jackpot provided in this game. On a one coin bet, it starts out with 20%.

The Surprises- The mask symbol doubles as the wild card and it is worth up to 1,000 credits by themselves and it has the ability to replace the rarest symbols. Also they double their values.

There are two scatters in this game and they can pay in any position. The alligator scatter awards up to 50 free spins and its beetle counterpart multiplies coins up to 100 times.

There are two different bonuses in this game. The jackal bonus gives out multipliers and the pyramid one is more ambitious and has different levels of difficulty. Make sure you read the instructions on the screen about the two different bonuses.


Thoughts about the Game- Luxor is a slot that blends the Ancient Egypt theme with exciting bonuses. It is a perfect game for players that are looking for a challenge and some excitement on the reels.

Just like with a lot of other Expresso games, it has a lot of surprises and has an easy gameplay. You should definitely give this game a try.