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Magic Multiplier – Pokies with magic theme

Get out your magic wand, because magic is the theme of the day with this 2010 creation from industry leaders Microgaming. Magic Multiplier is all about the art of magic, so if you aspire to be the next Copperfield, Houdini or Dynamo, then check it out.

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Magic Multiplier is available on Spin Palace.


Magic Multiplier is set against a starry backdrop, with the game reels positioned on what seems to be a showcase stage, inset with lights. The symbols include everything that a magician could need, including a deck of cards and the obligatory bunny, and there are a total of 30 paylines.

Magic Multiplier has a gamble feature that is activated whenever you land a winning payline. Here you will be asked to predict the outcome of a card turn. You can bet on whether the card shown will be red or black, effectively going double or nothing, or you can take an even greater risk and place a bet on what the actual suit will be, getting 4x your money in return.


You can play Magic Multiplier for just $0.01 per payline, which works out at a total of $0.30 per spin if you decide to play all of the paylines, which is recommended.

Bonus Features

There are three different scatter symbols on Magic Multiplier, with the game screen changing for all of these. Perhaps the biggest of these features is a free spins round, and one where you can trigger a multiplier of up to 5x to go with those spins. There is also a feature based on the disappearing ball game, with the goal of the player being to choose the cup that is hiding the ball. There is also a simple game of choice, albeit one that unlocks a decent amount of money on average.


A fun little pokie, Magic Multiplier is far from perfect, but it’s well worth a play nonetheless.