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Martian Money – 5 Payline Slots

Found on Spin Palace, Martian Money is a quirky retro pokie from Microgaming. It’s colorful, it’s bright and it uses a popular layout, and one that you can find on countless other Microgaming titles.


Martian Money uses a retro template that has featured on many other pokies, but there are a few differences here. Typically, these games only have 1 payline and 3 reels, but while Martian Money does have three reels, there are a total of 5 paylines. It might not look like it, because the reels look the same as they do on single payline games, but they are there.

The aesthetic is of a bright, martian world, and there are many different planets acting as the symbols, as well as an image of an alien for the Martian Money logo. The alien also features as a symbol and acts as a wild. This is the highest paying symbol, returning as much as 5,000. How much you get will all depend on which payline you get it in though, with the fourth payline being the highest paying one.


Martian Money has a decent betting range for a retro pokie, as they tend to be very limited in this regard. On Martian Money you can bet for as little as $0.25 and as much as $25.

Bonus Features

There are no bonus features on Martian Money. This is a typical omission from games like this as there is very rarely any room or any call for them. Martian Money does have some other benefits, as discussed above, but there are still no bonus features to attract the more modern player.


The lack of a bonus feature is always a letdown, and for that reason, Martian Money just doesn’t have what we look for in a pokie. The extra symbols, the wild and the high payments are all a positive though, and if you like retro pokies and will see this as a nice extra, then Martian Money could be just what you’re looking for.