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Michael Jackson Slot Developed by Bally

Are you a Michael Jackson fan? If so, you would definitely love this slot. This slot was developed by Bally. It is a slot that can be played over and over again, especially if you are a fan of the legendary artist that many people all over the world consider to be the King of Pop. It is a game that has received a lot of hype. This slot is definitely well worth the hype. After playing this slot, you would definitely understand why many people love to play this slot.

Not only is the music in the game so good, but so is the bonus features. The music and the videos in this game alone makes many want to play it. However, they do not just want to play it once, they want to play it over and over again.

Why Is There A Slot Based on Michael Jackson?- Michael Jackson is considered to be the most famous and respected music artist of all time, hence the reason as to why he has given the King of Pop title. Since Michael Jackson has many fans all over the world, why would not there be a slot based on him. As a matter of fact, many people have wondered why it took so long for there to be a slot machine based on the very legendary music artist.

Where Can the Slot Be Found At- The slot can be found at every major casino in Las Vegas. It can also be found at online casinos.

The Sound and Music from the Slot- As expected, the music plays a very big role in this slot. Each of the bonus features is based on his songs. One includes the Smooth Criminal feature and the Beat It bonus.

The audio in this slot is very incredible like anyone would expect it to be since the theme of the slot is based on a legendary music artist. This slot contains one of the best audio systems in a slot that you would ever experience. Even if you are not a Michael Jackson fan, there is still a good chance that you would enjoy this slot. That includes those who were not born when his Thriller album was released back in the 1980s. The technological aspect of this slot is very incredible as well. It can draw you in right away and it will make your eyes not want to leave the screen at any given moment. After playing this slot, you will definitely be able to understand and definitely be able to tell that this slot was developed by top professionals in the recording studio manufacturer industry. The details of this slot are very nicely done.
            This slot has developed so much hype to the point in which some will go to a land-based casino just to play this slot. Some players of this slot consider this game to be better than all of the other slots that are based on a music artist.

The Beat It Bonus-The Beat It Bonus of this slot is the best part of this slot. It is definitely an aspect that most players would want to experience the most. Through this bonus, players are able to receive free spins. During this bonus round, the King of Pop himself hands out wild symbols while he is dancing on the screen.

Another amazing factor about this bonus is the wild symbols. The wild symbols in this slot are very sticky. While the free spins are occurring, more and more wilds appear on the screen before the spin starts.

If a player receives a lot of wild symbols during the free spins bonus, there is a good chance that he or she will receive a huge win.

The other bonuses in the game are amazing as well, but however the Beat It one stands out the most. Due to the Beat it bonus and other factors of this slot, it is receiving an A- grade. It is a game that can keep you glued at all times, especially for the ones who are Michael Jackson fans. After playing this game, you will definitely understand why it has become a huge hit. You will also understand why this slot has so much respect among slot machine players. While playing this slot, you are going to want to sing along with the music as it is playing throughout the slot during your gaming session. It will also make you want to dance to the music. That is how good the sound system is in the game. Make sure if you are a slot machine love and a Michael Jackson fan, you give this game a try and see what all of the hype surrounding it is about.