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Moonshine Pokies for the Hillbilly Player

Available on Spin Palace and created back in 2006, Moonshine is a Microgaming pokie that stars a gun-toting hillbilly and her buck-toothed children. Cheap booze plays An integral role in this pokie, but that theme drifts away in places and doesn’t always make sense, as we shall discover.

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Although Moonshine is all about, well, moonshine, a few of the symbols don’t really connect to that theme. They include pumpkin pies and canned fish. We get the fruit and we certainly know how that can connect to the theme, but that’s where things stop making sense and we can’t heLp but wonder if Microgaming weren’t just using up old stock images left over from other slots.

There are also symbols of the moonshine makers, and these are what pay the most, with the grandpa (or what we assume is the grandpa) returning a maximum win of 500 coins.

The granny symbol is the wild and one of the biggest, and she also makes regular appearances.


You can play this 25 payline pokie for as little as $0.25, the equivalent of just $0.01 per payline. There is no way that you can change how many lines you play and you have to play all of them, which is always advised anyway.

Bonus Features

Where there are moonshine makers you will find police hunting them down, and the sheriff on Moonshine also acts as the bonus symbol. If you get enough of these then you will trigger a free spins feature, with as many as 18 free spins and a 4x multiplier available.


We are not sure what to think of Moonshine. It’s dated, that much is obvious, but it’s been around for more than a decade, so that is to be expected. However, what is not to be expected is the fact that very little of this theme make sense, and that, together with some limited wins and only 1 bonus feature, lets Moonshine down.