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Mr. Billionaire – Experience Riches with this Slot

Leander Games is the type of slot that has been heard about a lot in the online slot market frequently, but they have been shortlisted for a lot of awards and turnover games that have high quality. However, in regards to their Mr. Billionaire slot, there are some skeletons hidden in their closet. Mr. Billionaire is a 5 reel VIP real cash themed slot. It is the type of slot that will not be forgotten, but this may or may not be for a right reason. This will be explained later on in the article.

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The graphics are sports dated, its animated characters looks like they came from out of the 90s, and it has a conventional 3×5 matrix. From the outside looking in, this game seems like an epic fail. In regards to its aesthetic is poor, but the gameplay is not. This game is a perfect example of how it is important to not judge a book by its cover.

The Gameplay in Mr. Billionaire Slot- There are two bonus titles featured in this slot, which is actually rare these days. Many slot players would love to know about that element of the game.

The Girl Bonus is the first out of the two outcomes. The Girl Bonus symbol will have to make an appearance on reels 1, 3, and 5. Once she lands on those reels, you will have those two possible outcomes.

This brunette will give out an instant win when she is found. Also, she can give out free games. Both of these options have their pros and cons. If you receive the cash prize, you will land somewhere between x10 and x50 of your initial wager. This means that you can be in for a windfall. If you land the free games instead, you can receive up to 100 additional spins, with all of the winning prizes coming in with a good 3x multiplier attached along with it.

The Briefcase Full of Gold- In the Briefcase Bonus, players will be able to receive a pick me style selection to save. Since this is the case, this allows you have a more hands on experience. However this can only occur if the corresponding icon lands on the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th reels.

Next you will see 15 briefcases on a different screen, and there are different rows to go through. The goal of them is to continue opening them up until they are gone. However, there is more to this slot game. There is a collect option in some of the cases which will end the level. Usually, a prize comes along with it though.

The Rest of the Wealth- In regards to the other parts of the paytable, the top prizes are pretty impressive, especially for the wild. The prize for the wild gives out 10,000 credits. Your bet does not play a role in your sum. Do not think that having a high stake is going to make a difference in this particular slot game.

Many slot players would love the fact that a large prize can be given out without having to bet high. As a matter of fact, the minimum is at 0.25 credits. This is a slot that most slot players can afford to play. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to get some nice cash. Since this slot game has a high volatility, the odds of getting a large win is very slim. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is important to know the truth.

Overall Thoughts about Mr. Billionaire Slot- Mr. Billionaire is a surprising slot from Leander Games. At a first glimpse, this slot does not look like it can be fun to play. Also, it does not seem like a slot that has good bonus games. When many slot players first see this game, you will expect terrible features and low payouts. However in actuality, there are two great bonus rounds, and a high paying prize worth 10,000 credits.

As you can see, this is a slot that is worth checking out. Many slot players will definitely be satisfied with playing this slot. It has pretty much all of the necessary elements that are needed to create a good slot.

Its paytable is very interesting. Unfortunately, the chances of winning are not high at all. However many slot players will love the fact that even if their stakes are small, they can still win a big prize. In that aspect, there is some originality to this slot. If you are a slot player that is interested in playing a game in which you do not have to bet high in order to win a big prize, Mr. Billionaire is definitely the perfect slot for you to play.