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Mugshot Madness – 3D Looking Pokies

With some great graphics and a real feeling of depth, Mugshot Madness is a Microgaming pokie that looks and feels differently to anything we have played before. You can play it for yourself on Spin Palace.

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Mugshot Madness is a 20 payline pokie that looks 3D, but isn’t. It is based on a police line-up aesthetic, with a number of criminals making an appearance as symbols. There are no standard “filler” symbols and everything you see is well designed and very well thought out.

The wild is the highest paying symbol on Mugshot Madness, and this comes in the form of a canine detective. This pays as much as 20,000 coins if you land all 5 of them on a single payline, and you’ll still get a respectable amount even if you land just 3 or 4.

Most symbols on Mugshot Madness actually pay very well, with the alligator returning a maximum of 10,000 coins, the fox returning 5,000 and two others paying 2,000 or more.


You will not find a huge betting range on Mugshot Madness, and you won’t even find a low minimum bet. In fact, the minimum bet is $1, which is quite high, and the maximum is just $10, which is very low for a 20 payline pokie like this.

Bonus Features

In the form of a police badge, the scatter symbol on Mugshot Madness is one of the highest paying ones and will give you an instant win of 20,000 coins if you get all 5 of them on the reels. This will also trigger a unique free spins round, and one where you can get a maximum of 25 free spins. During this feature you need to “capture” the criminals by landing their symbols, a unique and fun little twist to a common feature.


Mugshot Madness is fantastic, it’s as simple as that. There is nothing not to like about this game, and if you love original slots, you’ll adore Mugshot Madness.