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Ocean Life Slot – Review

Taking a sea vacation is one of the most popular ways of taking a break from such a hectic life. As you are taking a sea vacation, it would only make sense to make the best out of it and take a look at the flora and fauna that go beyond the surface. The flora and fauna are fascinating to see in this game.

If you want to experience this, playing the Ocean Life slot is the perfect way to do so. Through this slot, you will be harvesting the riches of the sea. Ocean Life is a slot that was developed by Arrow’s Edge and it is full of different progressive jackpots, bonuses, and a lot of other ways to win large and have a lot of fun.

Going Below the Surface- Ocean Life is a slot that goes right below the surface and it takes you on a journey that is underwater and as you are going through this journey you will see different iconic sea features.

Even though the graphics in this slot game are colorful and cartoon-like, the quality is still high. For a moment as you are playing this slot game, at times you will almost feel as if they are real. Strings of seaweed separate the reels and the coral-covered reef takes up most of the background. The result of this has a pleasant look and it makes the game commands fit in smoothly with them.

The design of this game is colorful and it is eye catchy for slot players. As you begin to learn more about this game and the bonuses you are going to want more.

The Rules and Gameplay- Before making the reels spin, it is crucial that you take a moment to understand the rules. It is crucial to do this in order to make sure you give yourself as many good chances as possible.

The gameplay is pretty simple. There are three spinning reels in this game and each of them have three symbols. In the middle, there is a single payline that crosses them. Its set up is the most basic it can get for a slot game. However, this can be a downfall for a lot of slot players. With this being the case, do not let this turn you off from playing it. There is a whole lot more to Ocean Life.

Since this is a one payline type of slot, you can only adjust the amount of your bet by clicking the up and down arrows that are at the bottom of the game screen. One important factor about this slot is that rewards are determined by the symbols you land and your wager. The bigger your wager, the bigger your potential prize will be. Once you are ready to start the game just hit the spin button and make adjustments to your bet at any time throughout the session. After each win you can click the Double Up switch to start up the double-or-nothing game. In this game, you have to guess whether the coin will land on the Shark or the Whale side. If you make the correct guess, your reward will be doubled. However you must be careful because if you make the wrong guess, you will lose it all.

There is also an Auto Play feature in this game. This feature lets the reels spin automatically without you having to click the spin button. It is a perfect feature if you want to be able to just relax and watch the reels spin without any interruptions occurring.

The Basic Paytable- Sea creatures take up the paytable of this game. Seahorses, Dolphins, Octopi, and different kinds of tropical fish are featured in Ocean Life. All of these symbols have a different value and the goal here is to land three matching symbols on a payline in order to receive a cash reward. To learn more about all of these symbols, you have go over the in-game menu. That is not all to Ocean Life! There are still more features to discuss.

The Jackpots and Unique Icons- The Bonus icon is the Shark symbol. If this symbol lands on the center reel, the bonus game will begin. In this bonus, you have to choose between 12 tropical fish. All of the fish swim to a different part of the screen. Once you have three fish in the same area, you will receive a bonus prize.

The wild symbol is the dolphin and it can replace any of the basic symbols. If you land a dolphin in a winning combination, the payout would get multiplied by two, and landing two will make the payout get multiplied by 4.

There are three different progressive jackpots in this game. The three progressive jackpots are The Super Slots, Cash Grap, and Mystery Jackpots. They each have different values and can be won at any time throughout the game by luck.

Final Thoughts about Ocean Life- At a first look, Ocean Life might just be a simple basic slot. However as you are playing the game, you will notice its special features and jackpots that make it epic.