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Queen of Legends Slot – Review

Queen of Legends slot is based on Ancient Greek mythology. It has 5 reels and 40 paylines. Lightning Box definitely presented quite a few ways to have winning opportunities in this game. Guess what? There are double win wild symbols, along with scatter wins and a very special Coin Pick Bonus. This bonus helps any player with their spinning. Oh and that is not even it. There is a jackpot that is worth an astonishing amount of 1,600,000 credits.

The Queen- This game is all the way based around Greek mythology. Instead of making players go through a narrative based quest, this game provides a little overview of the Ancient Greek legends. These reels have gold gilded pillars that is in front of a blue background.

The symbols in this game are very colorful and are very well detailed. All of the characters and creatures in tis slot game have an association with ancient Greek stories. For example there is a centaur along with a noble beast that is half human and half horse, a fiery phoenix bird that regenerates from the ashes in a magical manner. However, the most significant aspect of this game is the white unicorn that is captured in the mid canter.

The Queen of Legends herself is the most human beautiful character in this game and deservingly so. She is the depiction of the chief Greek goddess Hera which who is the wife of Zeus and is the lead matriarch of the Olympian pantheon. She was also Zeus’ sister. It was a complicated scenario. Hera had a reputation of being jealous and vengeful. Overall her nature was good and her good character is shown in the game. She is the wild symbol of the game and has the ability to replace other symbols and complete wins that contain double value prizes.

The Coin Pick- The Queen Goddess is not the only character that has unique characteristics in this game. Also, it is not the most rewarding one either. The scatter symbols are the most rewarding, which is an Ancient Greek temple. One thing that is special about this symbol is that it does not have be on an active payline in order to give out wins. All the icon has to do is make an appearance on any reel position to give out a prize. These prizes are not small, some of them are large. The biggest jackpot in this game which is 1,600,000 credits is given out when 5 of these symbols appear after a maximum bet is placed.

That is not all. The temple will also give out a number of chances to choose one of the bonus prizes during the Coin Pick Bonus. Three scatters give out 3 picks. Four will give out 4 picks. Five scatters give out five picks. As you can probably see, this bonus is very straightforward. However, it does determine the amount of free spins that will occur. The five coins that are available to pick offer 2 additional wild symbols and 3 multipliers. Each of them are worth x2.

Betting- In regards, to placing bets you will have to alter three different factors. Spinners can choose how many paylines they want to activate in this game. Up to a maximum of 40 paylines can be activated. The next step is choosing the amount of coins to stake on each of the active lines. The maximum for this is at 10 coins. Afterwards, the value of those coins can be altered from a minimum of 0.01 to a maximum of 0.20. The wagering limit might not seem high, but when you include all of the paylines, there is a maximum bet that is worth 80 credits.

Also, it is important to factor in that this game has a jackpot that is worth 1,600,000 credit. However, most of the wins will be formed through line bet multiplier prizes that appear when matching symbols make an appearance on active paylines.

Lightning Box did an amazing job at developing this game. The payouts are fantastic and there are a lot of opportunities to win. When it comes to the graphics, the game is not a stand out. The only graphics that are in this game are 2D. There are other slots with a Greek theme that has as better gameplay style. If you are just trying to find a slot that will make you go back to an ancient time of history, then this is the game for you. Not only will the game be fun for you, but you can also win some prizes while going back in time to the ancient world. However, if you are interested in slots that have advanced graphics, then this slot is not for you.