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Rhino Charge Slots – African Zoo Themed Slots

Do you want to try a game that is very unique and has a lot of spinning action? If that is the case then you should definitely try out Rhino Charge slot. Rhino Charge is a 5 reel, 30 payline slot. This slot was developed by Aristocrat.

This special video slot is based upon one of the most interesting and powerful creatures on the entire planet. Those who play this slot have the ability to win some nice prizes, thanks to the range of bonus games provided by the slot. One out of the many amazing factors about this game is that those who are lucky are given the opportunity to pick from different bonus features like bonus prizes, free games, and super free games.

Spinning in this Slot- Even though this slot is called Rhino Charge, the reels are full of a range of creatures. The symbols in this slot features a variety of the wildlife. Its variety comes from the African Serengeti. The symbols in this slot include meerkats, giraffes, and zebras. Also, the game contains the most obvious symbol which is the rhino. The rhino has a gold tint to its skin and also pearl white horns. Yes, the rhino in this slot is pretty, but however you do not want to be on its bad side. If you get on its bad side it will get angry.

The slot is pretty decent. It has different images that are colorful and has clarity. Even though there are a lot of good components about this slot, there is a bad one. The flaw of this slot is that it is a little bit out of date. This game is really more designed for land-based casinos. In comparison to other slots that are current available, the graphics are a little bit behind time.

The Riches- This is a slot that has 30 paylines. Each of them are fixed on the reels for the maximum winning opportunities provided. All of this means that there are 30 different ways available for players to have some icons that match.

Each spin from this slot gives the players opportunities to have stacked symbols. In other words, certain icons will be in huge clusters on the reels. If a player has at least three stacks of the same icon going left to right, then they will be able to receive some huge wins.

There is also a wild symbol in this game that is portrayed by a gorgeous looking sunset over the plains in Africa. Even though this icon does not give out a payout, it helps players be able to finish all of the important winning lines by replacing all of the other symbols in the slot when it is on the second, third, or fourth reel.

Picking a Bonus- Players have the opportunity to select a bonus game. This begins with free spins that are simple. One important aspect of this is that 8, 10, or 15 free games is given to players for every three of a kind, four of a kind, and a five of a kind line win that includes the rhino icon.

If multiple lines of the rhino icon appears, the player will receive more than 20 free spins. The player will then be given options for different bonus features.

Free Games- This allows the current collected amount of free spins to be part of their conclusion.

Super Free Games- This gives a reduced number of free games with bigger stacks of symbols. Players receive an extra chance for them to trigger multiple paylines at one time in order to get larger winning totals.

The Bonus Prize- Players can forfeit all of their free games to receive an instant but random bonus prize. The award for this bonus could be anywhere between 5 and 225 coins for each free game that was won multiplied by the total of the bet multiplier.

Spinning With a Strategy- In terms of designs and graphics, this is not the most amazing game in the slot machine industry. However, it does have fun spinning action. The reason why this is the case is because players have the ability to pick their own bonus feature. Each option available for the bonus games have their own levels of risk. Not only do they have their own levels of risk, but also they have their own levels of potential rewards. Anyone who decides to play this slot should have somewhat of a strategy. Even though strategies do not guarantee a win, having some sort of a strategy will help them not lose too much. This is a game that is perfect for those who like to use a strategy when playing a slot and obviously of course hope that luck is on their side.