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Spin in the World Slot – Review

If you are in the mood for trying out new places and cultures, then Spin in the World might just be the perfect slot for you. Spin in the World is a slot developed by CTXM (GameOS), and it was released in 2014. In this slot, you will be going on a world tour. This slot is pleasant for the eyes, its gameplay is simple, and it has a whole lot of punch.

It has a lot of exciting symbols, and in this game you will see the best sites all around the world in an easy manner. Spin in the World can definitely be a slot that can become your new favorite slot to play.

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The Sites Around the World- All you have to do is say the word, and you will be taken there just like that. Globetrotting is something that is expensive, but however, through playing this slot you will be able to take on some good adventures and go through a travel department.

The regular symbols in this slot are the most iconic wonders of the world such as the Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, the Sydney Opera House, and more.

Those who developed in this slot game made sure that it was not obstructed through the graphical aspect of the game. It is very simple, and it is plain. Also, any slot player will be able to figure their way out about this slot because of how it was developed. Slot players will not have a hard time playing this game.

Once you log in, all you have to do is pick your wagers and let the reels spin. As the symbols are spinning, you can cross your fingers and hope that it is your lucky day. Once the reels are done spinning, you will find out whether or not luck is on your side.

The Betting Limit- Since this slot game has 5 reels and 30 paylines, many slot players are able to relate to this game an easy manner. The reels are very touristy. With that being the case, the manipulation factor gets taken away from its gameplay.

Some slot players like fixed paylines, and there are some who do not. Many experienced slot players like to be able to make changes to their paylines as the game is going on. This is usually due to instinct and control as the gameplay is going up a bit over being a mere lottery. However for new slot players, having fixed paylines offers a short period of relief. Through having fixed paylines, new slot players will not have to think too much about it as they are learning about slot games.

The wager structure is just like ones on other GameOS slot games. Starting at 5 cents and ending at $5 is the wage range for this game. Only one coin for each spin can be wagered. By there being 30 lines, the maximum wager that can be placed for each spin is $150.

In order to receive a prize in this slot, a minimum of 3 matching symbols would have to land on activated paylines.

The Sydney Opera House is the most interesting symbol in the game because it is the jackpot symbol. Landing five of these on a payline will get you 1,000 coins.

The Interface in the Slot- The interface in this game is very nice and clean. It does not contain any type of confusion, and its animations are not distracting. It is easy for players to be able to focus on the game itself without having to worry about any type of distractions being provided. Unfortunately there are some slot games out there that contains sounds and sights that are very distracting and takes the focus off the game itself.

Through the auto play option offered, you will be able to let the reels spin up to 10 times automatically. If you decided to use that option, you would not have to hit the spin button over and over again.

Overall Thoughts About Spin in the World Slot- Unfortunately there are not any wilds, scatters, and bonus symbols. Also, there is not any gamble features and no multipliers. You can only rely on the base game and luck to get some prizes.

There is not much to this slot, but it does have a charming set of symbols. These symbols celebrate the triumphs has faced in engineering, art, and architecture. However, there is a nice sized jackpot that is worth playing this game for. Outside of the jackpot, there are not any special assets to this game. Due to those factors, it simply cannot compete with a lot of the other slots that are currently on the market.