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The Lab Slot – Pokies with Vortex Theme

Have you ever thought about going through a space vortex and see what else is out there? Thanks to The Lab, now you have the opportunity to do so. If you go to this universe you can win prizes and see different molecules and chemical formulas. While you are at the universe trying to find the different molecules and chemical formulas, you can also be playing science theme bonus games which include Free Spins, Scattered X Chromosomes, Sliding Reels, and Wilds and Multipliers. You can play these bonus games while making an attempt to figure out the complexities of the vortex that is located in front of you.

The spin stakes in this game start as low as 0.15 coins. Thankfully this experiment is not expensive. Also, you can perform this experiment through using Android or iOS devices.

Arriving to the Vortex- When you make your arrival at the vortex, you are going to be amazed at its beauty and its complex nature. The colors red and blue come together when the vortex is spiraling and they pull in a range of galactic matter. Prizes and bonuses can be won for all the matter you see that enters the vortex.

The Winnings- There is a good chance that you will see a range of chemical equations in space, and if you find the matching symbols you can win prizes for doing so. Water (H2O) is worth no more than 30 coins, Oxygen (02) has a value no higher than 40 coins, and Gold (AU) is worth no more than 60 coins. It does not stop there. The pink molecule has a value that goes up to 100 coins, and the purple cluster molecule has a value that goes up to 200 coins. Its blue molecules (these molecules look similar to the ice crystals that are from Superman’s hideout) have a value of no more than 500 coins. The green hexagon molecules have the highest payable prize and it is worth up to 1,000 coins.

In regards to the bonuses, the Lab symbol is the one that you should aim to land. The Lab symbol is located on the center of the vertex on reel #2. This symbol will trigger the Free Spins bonus and the Sliding Reels. When the Free Spins bonus round occurs, Wilds and multipliers can replace all of the paytable symbols in order to develop multiple winning lines. Also it is important for any player of this game to be on the lookout for the X-Chromosomes that float. They are the Scatter symbols of the game and each of them have the power to double any prize that is on the paytable.

The Stakes in the Game- Like with many other current slots, there is a minimum to the maximum stake. The stakes in the game allow a large range of players to have fun playing the game. This choice is up to the players. Players just have to choose a bet range that goes from 0.15 coins for each spin, all the way up to 90 coins for each spin. Is this still not enough? Well maybe this will be enough for you….all of the bets allow you to play all 15 win lines in the game. Even the game’s 3 built-in betting strategies which are the Leveller, the Booster, and the Jumper to alter your stake. Altering your stake can improve your chances of having success when playing this game. Of course, any player of this game can form their own betting strategy. Is not that fantastic?

Make sure you take your time playing this game, just like you would do when performing any other kind of experiment. Also when playing this game, make sure that you carefully use the game’s amazing stakes system for your own benefit. This is game that offers a lot of great prizes and its bonus games are ones to not forget about. The bonus games have the ability to put you in a specific frame of mind….a good one. When you are playing this game, you will understand why this slot is receiving a lot of good reviews. ELK Studios definitely did not disappoint with this game. This game shows that the newly developed gaming company cares a lot about its players being entertained and cares about standing out from its competition. Its creativity is something that lacks in some of the other slots that exists today online. The creativity in this game shows that the developer definitely put in a lot of time and thought when creating this game. Who knows, you might be the one to discover something about space through using a formula provided by this slot. What are you waiting on? Go ahead and start playing this unique game.