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World Cup Heroes Slot – Review

Football (Soccer in the United States) is the most popular sport in the world. It is a sport that plays such a huge role in many different cultures all over the planet. Since this is the case, it should not be a surprise that the most renowned developer in the slot world OpenBet created a video slot based on the most famous soccer competition in the world, the World Cup.

World Heroes is a slot in which you can have the correct imagination for it. It is very integrated and has a highly intuitive interface. Players of this game are provided with a unique opportunity to connect themselves into the excitement directly and the high stake atmosphere that has a very competitive football match. Guess what? You can experience this type of atmosphere right from your couch.

The Game Stats- It is very important to know about the numbers in this game. This slot game has 5 reels and 9 paylines. It is a little bit different to a lot of other slots that are currently on the market which have 20 paylines. There are some people who prefer a smaller amount and then there are some who like it when there are as many activated paylines as possible. Regardless of what you prefer, you should definitely not ignore this game. The reason is because there are a lot of opportunities given in order to win big.

The Look of the Game- The design of this game is very simple and it is easy to get use to soon after playing it. All of the five reels have their own respective goals and the symbols on the reels feature football related items like flags, whistles, football, football players, scoreboards, golden globes, lions and race, and standard card icons.

With the way technology has been in slots today, it is not a surprise that each of the symbols have a very effective animations when they are part of any winning combination. It is important to know that all symbols pay from left to right and right to left. This function is rare in slot games, but it is one that is very appreciated by a lot of slot gamers today.


The Penalty- There is one bonus round in this game. This bonus round is perfect for those who are fans of football. You will be given the opportunity to become a part of the team during the most crucial moment of a lot of matches which is the penalty shootout.

The Penalty Shoot Out starts up once there are at least three scoreboards on the reels. Right here is when players are given the opportunity to receive multiples of their entry stake through making selections that control the direction the four total shots at goal. Each time you hit the net, their stake gets multiplied by x5, x25, x100, and x250. When you miss, the bonus round stops.

The World Cup Heroes slot is far from being the most original football themed slot. Also, it is far from being the most unique sports themed slot. However, the entertainment that it provides is very fun and exciting. If you are a football fan then you will feel right at home playing this game. This game contains elements of the World Cup that is exciting for many fans of the exciting sporting event. For those who are a fan of this type of football, this is a game they would want to play over and over again just because of the entertainment provided by it alone.

The prizes in this game are pretty decent. Other slot games offer better, but however the prizes are enough to the point in which they can make you get rid of a facial frown when playing the game. Playing this game is something that can brighten up a person’s mood during their gaming session, especially if they love the game of football and love watching the World Cup.

The World Cup is the biggest international sporting events that occurs every four years. It is a sporting event in which requires a three year process in selecting which teams are qualified in the tournament phase, which is called the World Cup Finals. Since it is the biggest international sporting event, it would only make sense for there to be a slot based on it. OpenBet did a very good job at capturing the key elements of the famous international sporting event, which is why even though this game does not contain originality, it is still a recommendation. This game has the ability to make you feel as if you are part of the World Cup. When playing this game, make sure you get your football skills on to win some prizes.