Real Money Pokies App – Australia Slots App for Money

Apps are all the rage these days, and there is literally an app for everything. And that includes online gambling, where there are actually plenty to choose from.

Amongst the many different gambling apps are ones that let you simulate real money slot machines. You don’t play for real money and play instead for “fun”, winning prizes, unlocking extras and clocking up high scores, much like you would in an arcade game. As much as we love pokies, these apps seem a little pointless and we won’t be focusing on those in this article.

We’re only interested in real money gambling, and we know that the same applies to many of our readers. Pokies are big here in Australia, but so is gambling, and we’re not interested unless there is real money on the line.

Playing Pokies Through an App

All online casinos have an app that you can download to play your favorite games. These are actually used much less frequently than they used to be, with many players preferring instant play casinos and mobile casinos, but they are still available and they are still just as good as they always have been.

You will need to ensure that you meet the specifications for this, but the only real issue you should face is your operating system. Many casinos only work with Windows and some only work with Windows and Mac. What’s more, they tend to only focus on the latest releases of these operating systems. This means that if you run another OS, such as Linux or Ubuntu, or if you use an outdated version of Mac or Windows, you might struggle.

To get around this, ensure that your computer is updated and that you use one of the biggest online casinos, ideally one that has licensed the Microgaming software, as this tends to be the most compatible. Bigger casinos also have more funds, better software and a broader reach, which means they have the means and the motive to increase compatibility. Spin Palace, which is more than 15 years old and is owned by BetWay, one of the biggest gambling brands in the world, is a prime example of this. With the Spin Palace software, there are very few restrictions in place and you should not have any issue regardless of which platform you use.

Pokies on the Spin Palace App

So, once you get the app, which games should you be looking to play? Well, it all depends on preference, because there is certainly no shortage of games to choose from. With downloadable software there are few issues with lag, crashing or failure to load, so you can go all out and choose the most advanced games they have. These include:

  • Avalon II: A sequel to what was a relatively poor game, Avalon II has gone all out to improve upon the original. This is one of the best looking Microgaming pokies around, and it also has some of the most intense and advanced bonus features. The best of these takes you on a quest for the Holy Grail, a great mythical item that has a place in any fantasy story. This is a long, fun and rewarding bonus round, and after a few minutes you’ll almost forget that you’re playing a pokie.
  • Lucky Leprechaun: Based on the hugely popular BarCrest slot Rainbow Riches, Lucky Leprechaun takes things up a gear. The graphics are better and slicker, the Return to Player average is higher, and all of your favorite bonus features are there. These include the Lucky Trail, where you can wins thousands in a single sitting, and the Wishing Well bonus. In fact, this is much better than the same bonus on Rainbow Riches, as you only need 1 wishing well symbol to trigger it, which means it comes around much more often.
  • Mega Moolah: This is one of Microgaming’s most celebrated slots, and one that comes in many versions, including Mega Moolah Summertime and Mega Moolah ISIS (not that ISIS). It is the biggest progressive jackpot pokie in the world and currently holds the record for the highest payout, a record that it had preciously set and broken many times over. Mega Moolah has an animal theme (despite its cash name) and its jackpot has a seed amount of $1 million. This means that even if someone else has scooped it just before you do, you’ll still earn a seven figure sum.
  • Rugby Star: Based on the union version of the nation’s favorite game, this was released in time for the last World Cup, which our rivals and neighbors, the All Blacks, won easily. There are also soccer, basketball, cricket and ice hockey versions of this game, all of which have a similar theme and similar features. These features include Rolling Reels, a randomly triggered bonus, some big wilds and a big free spins feature. Rugby Star is our favorite from the series and also has one of the best payouts.