Top Sites To Play the Best Casino Games

You don’t have to leave your home to learn how to play all the best casino games, test your luck or even win a couple of bucks. Online casino websites are there for you, at your disposal 24/7. If you find the right option, your gambling experience is bound to be fun and secure.

Reasons to Play Casino Games Online

We won’t argue which way to gamble is better: online or offline. We will admit that both of them could suit different circumstances and gamblers.

While going to a land-based casino can turn into a memorable, yet pricey, occasion, online gambling has a few trumps up the sleeve:

  1. Convenience: play casino games online anytime, anywhere, from any device. Don’t stay at the desk forever: switch to your smartphone and move around the house or city. Save all the payment information and progress to come back to it later.
  2. Games variety. All the most popular casino online games, starting with pokies and finishing with Sic Bo, are available both for real money and free play. Dozens of game developers recognized worldwide are striving to perfect visuals and game mechanics and create a wide array of choices.
  3. Better promos and bonuses. Which of the land-based casinos will ever greet you at the doorstep with free chips? As for online casinos, you won’t find any of them that don’t offer bonuses and special promos. Online players receive free cash or free slot spins, play without paying and even win something.
  4. High level of security. As long as the website you’ve chosen is licensed and trustworthy, you won’t have to worry about your data and money safety.

The Most Popular Online Casino Games

All the online casino games fall into one of the three categories: table games (Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, craps, etc.), gaming machines (slots/pokies), and random number games (Keno, Bingo). Normally, gamblers face off against the House, and not each other while playing at a casino, with a few exceptions, of course (traditional Poker, e.g).

We hope you understand that none of the casino online games offers gamblers a 50/50 chance to win: the mathematical advantage is always on the side of the House – and the House Edge percentage expresses how significant it is.

They say the lowest House edge is in Blackjack (about 1.5%, and can be even better if you apply a strategy), followed by video poker (House Edge can vary from 5% to 0.5%), Craps and European (or French) Roulettes, where the winning chances of some bets come as close to 50/50 as possible at a casino.

But why should we talk about money matters only? Some people don’t care about their best casino game odds; they just enjoy the game and are happy to try as many casino games types as possible. In our view, this is the right way to gamble.


Aussies have expressed their love for this kind of online casino games clearly. Not only did they shorten the ‘poker machine’ affectionately turning it into a ‘pokie’, but they have also housed 20% of all the slots in the world on their territory.

Online pokies, also known to other gamblers as online slots, are virtual simulations of the most admired gaming machines in the world. They started out more than a century ago with 5 revolving cylinders, a lever, and a slot for putting coins inside. After having pulled the only arm that Bandit had down, the gambler watched images of traditional playing cards spinning. When the machine stopped, the player had to compare the combination of 5 cards to the traditional Poker hands. The higher it was, the better the prize.

The game hasn’t changed too much in its core. Pokies have gotten much prettier and entertaining on the outside, acquired bright images and special effects, additional features and bonuses, just like any other video game. Some online pokies of today have advanced even in the number of reels: you may find games with 6 (Germinator by Microgaming, Red Flag Fleet by WMS Gaming) and 7 reels (I.R.I.S 3000 by RealTime Gaming) among the more common 3- and 5-reel online slots. 

But just like 100 years ago, the reels, even if virtual, keep rotating and symbols keep lining up, forming various combinations. Video reality has allowed game developers to create hundreds of combinations: the space is no more limited.

Together with the infinity of choices, the winnings reach unbelievable heights as well. Progressive pokies are responsible for the most impressive jackpots in history. They are similar to progressive slots of land-based casinos: the same game created by one developer but placed in different locations has one shared jackpot pool. The potential cash prize grows with each penny spent on it at different places. Only with online pokies, the jackpot is shared by even more online casinos, and much more gamblers participate in building it.

The progressive pokies every self-respecting gambler has heard of are Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah, Beach Life: these titles have hit the news a couple of times.


While pokies are a pure game of chance, most casino table games can be referred to as skill-based titles, and Blackjack is definitely among them.

The original name this casino card game had in France translated as ‘21’, and some gamblers still call it so.

Blackjack is the most popular banking game in the world. It uses a standard 52-card deck, and each card has an assigned number of points: the cards from 1 to 10 bring as many points as their pip value is (8 brings 8 points, 6 – 6 points, etc.) Ace can count as 1 or 11, and it’s up to the player to decide how much it will be. All the ‘face cards’ (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) are worth 10 points.

Gamblers go up against the dealer trying to collect the card combination whose total count will be higher than the dealer’s and not over 21.

If a player gets an Ace (11) and a 10 on the first draw, it’s ‘Blackjack’ or a ‘natural’, meaning the immediate win unless the dealer gets the same combination. Blackjack will beat any other combination, even with a total count of 21.

‘Blackjack’ doesn’t come up that often, and players' main dilemma is going to be whether to ‘stand’ – stop before 21 hoping that the dealer will bust – or to risk exceeding the limit and ‘hit’ (take a card) another time.

The other options are:

  • ‘split’ – if two cards of the same value have come up one after another, a player can split them into 2 hands to finish playing separately; but it will lead to doubling the bet.
  • ‘double’ – double the bet amount and take one more card, which will be the last in this round.
  • ‘surrender’ – take half the bet back and stop playing.


The mesmerizing wheel, the center of any casino hall, welcomes online gamblers to choose a lucky number (or, better yet, a combination of numbers) from 0 to 36 and bet a virtual chip on it.

The game seems too straightforward: a spinning wheel and a ball landing on one of the numbers. But we recommend spending some time doing your homework: study the Roulette bets, the difference in their payouts and odds to increase the winning chances.

There are 2 kinds of Roulette bets.

  1. Inside bets cover a single number or a short number sequence (from 2 to 6). They have the best payouts and the worst winning odds: the fewer numbers they cover, the better the prize will be. They are called ‘inside’ bets because players place chips inside the 12x3 layout table.
  2. Outside bets. Unlike the first type, these bets are placed outside the 12x3 grid and considered the player’s safest choice. They cover groups of 12 or 18 numbers, meaning the best casino game odds, and, consequently, more modest payouts.

The most common Roulette variations you will find at any online casino are European, American, and French.

European and French wheels have 37 numbers on them: from 1 to 36 (coloured alternatively black and red) and one green – the 0. The American kind is double-zeroed: there are 0 and 00, making a total of 38 numbers on the wheel. Because of that, the winning odds of the latter are worse than in the European and French games. If you can choose, always opt for the European or French Roulettes.


Baccarat is a guessing casino card game, where a player has to choose which of the 3 outcomes to bet on: the dealer wins, the player wins, or a tie game.

The cards are not dealt to the players though. You can say that ‘player/dealer wins’ phrases describe different options: hands, or sides of the table. Winning with the dealer/player bets pays out at the rate 1:1. Successful betting on the tie will bring you an 8:1 payout.

Casinos charge a 5% commission when you win on the dealer’s hand. Depending on the bet, the House Edge in Baccarat varies: it can be 1.06% (dealer’s hand wins), 1.24% (player’s hand), or 14.36% (the tie).

This casino card game is played with a traditional 52-card deck, but Jokers are not used. Normally, only 2 cards are dealt to the dealer’s and player’s hand, and the third card can be drawn under certain conditions. The hand that collects 9 points or the closest number to it wins.

The game has a peculiar system of how the points are calculated. The cards from 2 to 9 are worth their pip value; Aces bring 1 point; 10s and all the face cards (J, Q, K) are worth nothing. Baccarat hands can’t exceed 9 points. If it happens, for example, the cards on the player’s hand are 7 and 8, which gives us 15 points, you always have to extract 10. In this way, 6 and 7 will equal 3 points, 9 and 5 – 4, etc.

Baccarat may sound complicated, but the game is much simpler in practice.


Craps is a dice game and, arguably, the most dynamic casino game you will find. Craps involve two dice and a layout table for placing bets. In essence, gamblers have to predict the outcome of the dice roll.

The first glance at the betting layout may confuse a newbie. You will see that you can bet on the possibility that a shooter (a person who rolls the dice) will ‘pass line’, ‘not pass’, ‘come/not come’, get the number inside the ‘field’ or end up with ‘big 6/8’.

The main idea is that shooters are trying to roll 7 or 11 (you can bet that they will manage to do it or not). If you bet on a different number, and it comes out before 7, you will win.

We recommend learning more about Craps bets or playing a demo of the game before gambling for real money.


This game works in the same way as lotteries or Bingo. A player gets to pick out some numbers in the table (from 1 to 80) and bet that they are going to come up. The winnings will depend on how many of your guesses match the random picks provided by the Random Number Generator.

How to find the best online slot game?

Choosing an online pokie to play for fun or for real money, try to find something that will check off all the boxes.

  • Eye-pleasing graphics and smooth gameplay. Certainly, ‘eye-pleasing’ will mean different things to different people. These features have to ensure an enjoyable experience, and that’s what matters the most.
  • The online casino must be safe and regulated: start playing for real money only after you have confirmed that the casino has a legitimate license.
  • Bonuses and Promotions – go through their list to find out how to use them to your advantage and stretch gambling finances.
  • Low or High Volatility (Variance) – consider this pokie feature as it can tell you what kind of gambling style will suit the game the most. Whereas low volatile slots have more frequent but lower payouts, playing high volatile pokies, you can expect bigger but more seldom winnings.
  • Software Providers – try to go for online slots created by reputable companies with excellent references and feedback.

The variety of online pokies can take you aback at first. Try not to follow your instincts, consider all the mentioned features, and make a weighted decision.

How to Start Playing Online slots

These are five simple steps to follow for anyone who wants to start playing online pokies for real money:

  1. Find a trustworthy casino whose license can be confirmed with a copy of the document or an active link to the record.
  2. Sign up: create and verify your account.
  3. Make a deposit and claim a welcome bonus (if possible).
  4. Go through the casino game list and find the game you’d like to play, read all the rules and pay tables, practice it in demo mode (if needed).
  5. Play online casino games in Australia, win and withdraw your winnings, complying with withdrawal terms and conditions (better check them in advance too).

Anyway, the most crucial things are for you to be attentive and play responsibly.

Play free casino games and for real money

In our opinion, the number 1 benefit of gambling online is a chance to learn how to play any casino game for free. You can also stick to the demo mode if you are not looking to make money and see this kind of game as entertainment only.


Play casino online games for Real Money

  • You can win cash prizes;
  • You can play online casino games for real money anytime, anywhere;
  • You can benefit from online casino promos and bonuses.

  • Because of the House Edge, you will always lose more than win;
  • To be eligible for real money play, you will have to create an account;
  • To play online casino games in Australia for real money, you will have to make a deposit.

Play online games at a casino for free

  • You can play casino games without risking any money;
  • You can learn how to play and try new games for free anytime;
  • Usually, you don’t have to sign up and create an account when you are playing for fun.

  • You can’t win cash prizes playing demo casino games online;
  • Not all the games have free demo mode;
  • Live Dealer games don’t typically have demo modes.

The Internet is great because everyone can choose an option that will suit their needs and preferences.

Top Popular Live Casino Games

Live Dealer mode implies playing casino games in Australia via a video stream.

A live casino is a space where physical and virtual realities interweave. You will see a professional dealer or croupier handling all the real casino equipment, be it the wheel for Live Roulette or 52-card decks for Live Poker, Blackjack, or Baccarat, and place bets on the screen of your device.

The main downside of Live casino games is that not all companies can afford them, and the choice of the games is rather limited. Plus, Live casino games are not often available in free demo mode.

Bonuses And Promotions For Aussie Players

As the most popular casino games, online slots got exclusive casino bonuses assigned only to them: free spins. Players often receive this offer as a part of any bonus package: welcome, reload, VIP, etc.

Gamblers can also be awarded free casino credits and spend them on any casino game, including pokies. Match deposit and no deposit cash will buy you chips for casino table games and spins on pokies. It’s always good sense to keep an eye on the Bonus section of the webpage.

Top Software Providers

The game and software developers who established their reputation a long time ago and whose names have become synonymous with having the seal of approval are:

  1. Microgaming – the true pioneers of the market who launched the first-ever online casino.
  2. IGT – the international company traded at NY Stock Exchange.
  3. Novomatic – the provider who has been in the online gambling business since 1980 and is famous for its impeccable reputation.
  4. Net Entertainment (NetEnt) – the software developer responsible for the top titles, in terms of graphics and special effects.
  5. Aristocrat – the most famous Australian game developer with a huge selection of quality online slots, their traditional and newer versions.

Playing desktop or mobile casino games created by reliable providers doesn’t only guarantee exciting and smooth gameplay: it ensures fair game outcomes and regular payouts.