Determining Which Slot Machine To Play

Most who go to a casino have a hard time determining which slot they should play, especially ones who are beginners. It is hard for many to determine where the best machines are located at. Slot machines use to be placed at the entrance and at the end of aisles. In recent times, that has changed. Casino management has made some chances.

In most cases, slot machines that provide different payouts are brought by casinos. This type of scenario applies for virtual casinos. Virtual casinos offer online slot machines. Machines with a lower payout percentage and machines with a higher payout percentage both exist. Machines with a higher percentage payout are what players should pay attention to when at a casino. Many consider these machines to be the loose machines.

Observing the Machines- A smart thing for a player to do is observe the machines that locals strongly prefer. They should pay attention to the locals that have a lot of personal experience with the machines.

In most cases, the tight machines are the ones that no one is playing. When choosing a machine it is important to keep this in mind. Players should always look for the loose machines in the areas that are more crowded. Players should not give up on playing a machine that is crowded, even if there is a long wait for them.

Asking a Slot Machine Attendant for Information on the Machines- In some cases, slot machine attendants can help players with information on the machines. The reason is because they know which machines are loose and which ones are not.

The Location of Loose Machines- Like already mentioned, casino management determine where to place the machines. However in most cases, they are placed on elevated carousels. Casino management is very aware of how people seeing other wins is good for their business. Usually, the carousels can be seen from anywhere at a casino. This is the main reason as to why a lot of loose machines are located there.

The Crossover Areas- The area in which people can enter a different part of a casino is called the crossover area. This type of area are considered to be the perfect spot for the most generous slots. This is because a large amount of people walk by the area on a daily basis.

Café and Snack Bar Area- Usually not many people play the machines near the cafes and snack bars. However, this does not mean that this area is not preferred for machine payouts.

Locations Near Cashiers, Change Booths and ABMs- Loose machines have been known to located near these areas as well. Casino managers are very aware of how the more people win on the machines there, the higher the chance of them to withdraw more cash and use it for the machines.

Also, it is important for all players to keep in mind that casinos are aware of their regular customers knowing where a lot of their generous slots are located at. This is why the machines are moved around a lot. It makes it harder for players to be able to locate them. In these type of scenarios, players can take note of the machine’s identification number in order to recognize the machine when it has moved.

Locations of Tighter Slots- The tighter slots are usually located at secluded areas, casino entrances, near ticket lines, around table games, and near the sports book.

Secluded areas- These type of areas look comfortable, but however they are quiet because winnings hardly occur there.

Casino Entrances- Casino managers understand that putting loose machines in the entrance is not a good idea because no other part of the casino would get attention. This is why the tighter machines are located in the entrance area.

Ticket Lines Area- Most people in this area just stand and wait. Since this is the case it is smart to put the tight machines in this area. A lot of people in this area get tempted to try out one of the machines near them, instead of just waiting in line.

Table Game and Sports Book Area- Machines located in this area are there to distract the players from table games. The same type of mind trick applies to ones near the sports book.

Reading the Slot Meter- This is something that all player should do. These are usually located next to the window that shows how many credits are available. By doing this, players can get information about the previous amount of money that was given out by the machine. Obviously, just because the last player won money does not mean that the next player will. However, doing this task can increase the chances of winning.