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Ark of Mystery slot

Ark of Mystery is an online slot created by Quickspin in 2018.

The online slot game offers 5 reels, 20 paylines, and the RTP of 96.53%.

The action happens in Ancient Egypt: together with Quickspin, slot buffs can hang out there this time.

The Ark of Mystery video slot is ideal for real money and free play at the most popular online casinos in our country and at social casinos.

We don’t doubt that the Ark of Mystery will deliver trustworthy game outcomes and established payouts because we can tell that Quickspin always develops valid online casino games of high quality.

Well, what players must keep an eye on is the legitimacy of the online casino they have registered in. when it is licensed, you won’t have to concern yourself with rigged games and lost money.

How to play Ark of Mystery?

Your game objective when playing Ark of Mystery is going to be to catch 3 or more matching symbols on the slot reels that will build winning combinations.

As you probably know, the slot symbols rotating on the reels fall into 2 categories: standard symbols and special Bonus symbols (in our game they are Multiplier Boosters and Wild Ark Respin).

Standard slot symbols are pictures of the same size and style; these images don’t stand out and have comparable values.

At the same time, Bonus slot symbols easily catch the eye. These symbols may have unique features, shapes, colors, or phrases written on them.

Game developers are sure to put all the necessary information regarding slot symbols and their weight in Pay Tables. As we’ve already mentioned earlier, playing smart at online slots means to have a look at the pay tables beforehand. Start the game and examine the edges of the window: you can find ‘Menu’, ‘Information’, ‘Settings’ buttons. The Paytables and lists of slot symbols are regularly placed somewhere there.

The vibe of the Ark of Mystery slot might prompt you to picture typical Vegas video slots with their bright images, attractive bonus features, and straightforward gameplay.

The standard symbols rotated on the 5 reels this time are blue, red, and pink artifacts. Among them, the symbols that trigger the best coin prizes are Heroine’s portrait, Red artifact, Pink artifact. Getting combinations of 2 – 4 of similar best-paying symbols on winning lines is what gamblers need to achieve if you want to win.

Ark of Mystery features special symbols: Wild Ark Respins symbol (Golden chest) and Multiplier Booster (the adventurous heroine). Not only can the Bonus symbols trigger the best jackpots, but they also have a couple of unique functions. We are going to talk about it a little later.

Ark of Mystery gives gamblers a chance to regulate the bet sizes. You will need ‘+’/‘-’ buttons in the lower corner to adjust the stakes. Undoubtedly, higher bets guarantee better winnings. And yet, they will give you fewer slot spins to land a winning combination.

Don’t start with big bets. Note that the more games you play, the better odds you get to trigger the winning combination. Slot players are sure to achieve it with minimal stakes and prolonged games.

Plus, the game has an ‘Autoplay’ function in the lower part of the screen. It switches on the automatic spinning mode: the gambler doesn’t need to press ‘play’ after each spin, and the 5 reels are going to change automatically.

Another feature to adjust is the number of activated pay lines. Triggering a slot pay line means betting money on it. If you play an online slot with minimum active paylines, you fail to seize multiple opportunities to build a winning combination. Try activating and deactivating paylines in a demo mode, and you are sure to feel how infrequent successful spins get with minimum activated pay lines. To our mind, spending money on activating all the pay lines is certainly worth the cost.

Mobile slot review

Ark of Mystery slot game works well on both mobile devices and computers. Online gamblers don’t need to install any other programs to play Ark of Mystery video slot for real money or for free on their smartphones or tablets.

You just have to find Ark of Mystery in a search engine and start gambling. Ark of Mystery slot game is mobile-compatible: it will adjust to the mobile phone you gamble on smoothly.

Nevertheless, we would advise testing how well the features of the video slot will function on your mobile phone or iPad, since the level of mobile compatibility can depend on the series, operating system, producer, and year.

Bonus Symbols and Extra Features

Along with the regular slot symbols of the Ark of Mystery slot – red, pink, and blue artefacts – there are special Bonus symbols with unique functions. In Ark of Mystery, they are Golden chest – the Wild Ark Respins symbol and the Adventurous Heroine – the Multiplier Booster.

Scatter and Wild symbols are introduced to make gambling much more gripping. The Bonus symbols don’t appear very often on the reels, but they sure do make a gambler happy. And here is why.

In Ark of Mystery, the Wild Ark Respins symbol (Golden chest) are able to replace the other symbols on the reels if there is a chance to complete a winning combination. It implies that Wild symbols popping up anywhere on the slot reel make the winning odds better.

As soon as the Multiplier Boosters get into a winning combination, these slot symbols trigger a Bonus game or multiply the payout.

The best-known bonus features of video slots are Gambling options, Bonus games, Free Re-spins.

Scatter symbols often trigger in-game free spins. From time to time, the game itself grants them randomly – what else can be more satisfying for a gambler than that?

Bonus games are additional games that present a gambler with three or more themed objects to choose from (for instance, it may be chests or boxes). Depending on your choice, you might be awarded a multiplier, Bonus spins, some coins.

Players have a chance to activate a Gambling function after a successful spin. A flashing button (‘Gamble’) must appear next to the regular ‘Spin’ button. If you choose to go for the Gambling option, you have to risk the winnings you have just gained. Your main job here in the Gambling round is to guess a suit of a playing card that will appear on the screen. If you succeed, the game will double your winnings. The incorrect guess, on the other hand, will lead to losing the latest coin prize.


The biggest payoff Ark of Mystery offers to gamblers is 6,509x. You can trigger it by landing the best-paying combination: Pink artifact, Heroine’s portrait, Red artifact.

The Wilds and Multipliers, with their special features, can also participate in releasing the biggest payouts. They activate bonus rounds, help build up a winning combination, and multiply the winnings.

How to play Ark of Mystery for real money?

The online gamblers who want to play the Ark of Mystery slot online for real money will need to:

  • Look for a legitimate online casino.
  • Make sure that the residents of their country are accepted in the online casino.
  • Sign in and create a new account.
  • You might be requested to send out some of your documents in order to confirm the ID.
  • Deposit real money (the casino T&C will state how much).
  • Go through the Bonus Terms and Conditions carefully and ask for a casino bonus (if it’s worth it).
  • Read everything about the Paytables and special game functions.
  • Play Ark of Mystery for free using its demonstrative mode.
  • Regulate the bet sizes and the number of paylines.
  • Set money and time restrictions.

As soon as the mentioned steps have been made, the gambler can start playing Ark of Mystery online for real money.

How to play Ark of Mystery for free?

If you want to play Ark of Mystery online for fun, you need to:

  • Look for the Ark of Mystery game on the internet.
  • Confirm that the online casino offers a demonstrative mode of Ark of Mystery.
  • If the video slot can’t be played for free at online casinos, you can look for it in casino games simulations included in mobile apps or social casinos.
  • Start playing Ark of Mystery online for free.

Playing Ark of Mystery for free online in demonstrative mode or at a social casino will not bring you any real cash winnings. To earn real money at online slots, players will be requested to deposit real cash and have a verified casino account.

Ark of Mystery RTP

RTP (Return to Player Percentage) is a percentage of the money contributed to the casino income by an online slot that will be paid back to online gamblers in the form of cash winnings or jackpots over a time. For instance, if RTP is estimated at 90%, the players are going to receive 90% of the total sum spent on this slot for more than 1,000,000 spins. By the way, the question about how long this period lasts still needs to be answered. As a rule, online casinos pay out 90% – 98% to their players.

The RTP of Ark of Mystery is 96.53%.

You have to understand that RTP doesn’t reflect the idea of how much you personally will get back from every $1 spent in the game. Online casinos don’t promise you the 96.53% of your $1000, even if you gamble for a while. Return to Player Percentage is a parameter that will be calculated considering hundreds of other players.

Gambling tips

Licensed and reputable slot developers can not allow unfair outcomes.

Video slots run on algorithms designed to provide unpredictable game results or the closest thing to it. Consequently, there isn’t a good chance to predict how the next round will play out if you are not an IT genius.

Online slots are games of chance, by definition. A player doesn’t really influence the system of how slot combinations are landed. With that in mind, we have listed some tips for playing and winning at casino games.

  1. Safety. Register and gamble only at trustworthy casino webpages with great feedback and fair payouts.
  2. Game Provider. Go for online slots from reliable companies to gamble for real-money winnings.
  3. Frequency hit. Gamblers have to understand what they want from the slot and what gambling style they have.
  4. If you are looking for numerous but modest wins, a suitable option for you is online slots with low volatility. Those who are eager to wait longer for bigger prizes should try slots with high volatility and progressive jackpots.
  5. Remember that the number of paylines and reels makes the difference when it comes to hit frequency and prize sizes. The more lines and reels a video slot has, the more winning combinations it generates. Which implies that the gambler will have worse chances to land the winning one. And sometimes a 3-reel old-school classic will be what you need, no matter how average the visuals and sounds are.
  6. Be always aware. Everyone who gambles online for real money has to know Pay Tables and the rules of the chosen game to take advantage of its bonuses and extras. The same rule goes for casino Terms and Conditions. Online gamblers must read and understand all of them. Without exceptions.
  7. Demo mode. Don’t be too confident: play the online slot in a free demo mode first.
  8. Small steps. Begin with minimal bets. As video slots are not skill-based games, the winning odds improve with an increasing number of games. Minimal bets are what you need to ensure a prolonged game.
  9. Make your chances better. Play with the maximum number of activated paylines. If you gamble with a few activated paylines, you are going to miss a good number of chances to hit a winning combination.
  10. On top of all that, appreciate the fun part. Online slots are a recreational activity, and the best approach to the fact that you can win or lose your own money playing them is to have fun. As soon as playing slots becomes a way to earn money, it stops being harmless.

In conclusion, we would say once again that Ark of Mystery by Quickspin is a reliable video slot with a reasonable RTP – 96.53% and all the best slot features: free spins, wilds, Bonus games, multipliers.

Keep in mind the principles of online slots and their gameplay, stay safe, and have fun with Ark of Mystery.

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