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Arriva Arriva! slot

Arriva Arriva! is an online slot game by Novomatic.

The online slot offers 25 paylines, 5 reels, and the RTP of 95%.

The story takes place in the world of Mexican adventures: Arriva Arriva! welcomes online gamblers to pass some free time in the wild Spanish-speaking country.

Arriva Arriva! is suitable for real money and trial play at online casinos and, in addition, at some social casinos.

We don’t doubt that Arriva Arriva! will deliver fair game outcomes and proper payoffs because we have only witnessed that Novomatic always provides lawful online games of excellent quality.

So, what players have to look after is the license of the online casino they have chosen. When it is certified, you won’t have to deal with dishonest game outcomes and lost money.

How to play Arriva Arriva!?

Online gamblers need to land as many matching symbols as possible to make up a winning combination when the reels stop.

Slot symbols are images of similar size and style; they don’t differ in their look and bring comparable winnings.

In contrast, Bonus symbols always look different. Bonus images are likely to have unique shapes, features, colors, or words written on them.

The vibe of the Arriva Arriva! slot game will prompt you to picture old slot machines with their sharp images, intuitive gameplay, and fun bonuses.

The regular symbols you will spin on the reels of Arriva Arriva! are Cards (from 9 to Ace), Chili peppers, Corn cobs. When you are gambling, the symbols that will bring you the best winnings are Maracas, Cheese, Speedy Gonzales. Landing combinations of 2 – 4 of them on activated paylines is exactly what you need to do to trigger a payout.

Th Bonus symbols of Arriva! Arriva are Scatters (Cheese) and Wilds (Speedy Gonzales). Not only do they bring substantial payouts, but they also possess special powers. We are going to talk about it a couple of paragraphs later.

Press ‘+’/‘-’ buttons in the corner of the screen to wager more or less. Clearly, larger wages guarantee better payoffs. But they offer fewer tries to land a winning combination.

It is not the smartest idea to begin with high bets. The more rounds you play, the higher odds you get to hit the winning combination. Gamblers will achieve it with the lowest bets and slower gambling.

There is also an Autoplay function: the online gambler doesn’t need to hit the ‘spin’ button after each spin, and the virtual reels are going to spin automatically.

Another setting to adjust is the number of activated pay lines. Activating a payline means placing a bet on it. When you gamble with just a few activated winning lines, you overlook numerous chances to hit a winning combination. Try experimenting with it in a free demo mode, and you are going to realize how rare successful spins get with minimum activated pay lines. In our opinion, paying for activating all the pay lines is definitely rewarding.

Mobile version

Arriva Arriva! slot can be played on desktop and computers. Players don’t need to use any extra software to enjoy playing Arriva Arriva! slot game for real money or for free on their iPads or mobile phones.

Gamblers just need to search for the video slot online and get started. Arriva Arriva! is mobile-responsive: it will adjust to the smartphone you are using smoothly.

And yet, we recommend testing how well the graphics of the online slot will function on your mobile phone or iPad, as the efficiency of mobile compatibility might be determined by the series, producer, operating system, and year.

Bonus Symbols

Along with the standard symbols of the Arriva Arriva! game – Chili peppers, Cards (from 9 to Ace), Corn cobs – there are slot Bonus symbols with extra characteristics. In our online slot, they are Speedy Gonzales – the Wild symbol and Cheese – the Scatter symbol.

Wild and scatter symbols are introduced to make gambling much more gripping. Scatter and Wild symbols don’t come up frequently during the game, but they definitely do make you happy. And here is the reason.

In Arriva Arriva! the wild symbols (Speedy Gonzales) are programmed to substitute for the other symbols on the reels if there is an opportunity to form a winning combination. It implies that the Wilds emerging somewhere during the game increase the winning chances.

If the Scatter symbols participate in forming a winning combination, they activate Bonus Free Spins or multiply the coin amount.


The most substantial prize Arriva Arriva! promises to players is 25,000 coins. You can trigger it by hitting a combination of the best-paying symbols: Maracas, Speedy Gonzales, Cheese.

The wilds (Speedy Gonzales) and scatters (Cheese) of the game, thanks to their extra features, could also play a part in releasing the best payouts. Scatters and Wilds activate re-spins, help form a winning combination, and multiply the won amounts.

Extra Features

The most common extras of video slots are Free Bonus rounds, Bonus games, Gambling options.

Scatter symbols frequently trigger built-in free spins. On occasion, the online slot itself gives them out unexpectedly – is there anything that can be more pleasing for a gambler than that?

Bonus games tend to present a player three or more themed symbols they can choose from (for example, it can be boxes or chests). Depending on the pick, you can get re-spins, some coins, a multiplier.

Slot players have a chance to trigger a Gambling function after a successful spin. A flashing sign (‘Gamble’) is going to light up next to the usual ‘Spin’ button. If you decide to go for it, you will risk all the credits you have just won. What you need to do in the Gambling round is to predict a suit of a playing card that will be shown face down. If you do it, Arriva Arriva! will double or triple the winnings. The wrong guess, however, will make you lose the rewards.

How to play Arriva Arriva! for real money?

Everyone who wants to play Arriva Arriva! for real money online will have to:

  • Find a reliable online casino.
  • Check whether the citizens of their country are allowed to join the online casino.
  • Sign in and make an account.
  • You might be requested to send out some of your documents to verify the identity.
  • Make a minimum deposit (according to the online casino T&C).
  • Check the Bonus T&C carefully and get a bonus offer (if it seems like a good idea).
  • Study the Paytables and bonus features.
  • Play Arriva Arriva! without making a deposit first with the help of its demo version.
  • Adjust the wages and the number of activated pay lines.
  • Determine money and time limits.

When all the precautions have been insured, the gambler is ready to start playing Arriva Arriva! online for real money.

How to play Arriva Arriva! for fun?

If you want to play Arriva Arriva! online for fun, you ought to stick to the plan:

  • Look for Arriva Arriva! at trustworthy online casinos.
  • Make sure that the web page offers a demo mode of Arriva Arriva!.
  • If the game doesn’t allow free play at online casinos, you can look for it in free mobile applications or social casinos.
  • Start playing Arriva Arriva! online for free.

Playing Arriva Arriva! for free online in demonstrative mode or at a social casino will not give you a chance to get real cash winnings. To earn real money, gamblers need to deposit real cash and have a valid casino account.

Arriva Arriva! RTP

Return To Player Percentage (RTP) is a part of the wagered amount delivered to the casino wallet by an online slot that will be given back to players in the form of real-money winnings or jackpots over a considerable period of time. For example, if RTP is 90%, the gamblers may expect to get 90% of the overall amount spent on this slot for over approximately 1,000,000 spins. Actually, the question about how long it takes still stands. Normally, online casinos pay back 89% – 98% to their customers.

The Arriva Arriva! RTP equals 95%.

We’d like to emphasize that Return to Player Percentage doesn’t show what part you personally might gain from every $1 bet during the slot game. Online slots don’t guarantee you 95% of your $100, even if you keep spending money on Arriva Arriva!. It is a number that will take into account probably a thousand other players.

Gambling tips

Trustworthy companies won’t tolerate unfair outcomes.

Online games of chance use Random Numbers Generators intended to provide unpredictable game outcomes or the closest thing to it. That is why there is no easy way to predict how a slot round will play out for a common online gambler.

Casino slots are games of chance, in their essence. A player has a minimal impact on the way the combinations of slot symbols are landed. Having taken all that into consideration, we have picked a few guidelines for playing and winning at Arriva Arriva!.

Stay safe

Make real-money deposits and gamble only at trustworthy online casinos with good feedback and confirmed payouts.

Reputation and History

Choose slot games from well-known companies to gamble for real money.

Frequency hit

Casino players should understand what they want from the online slot and how video slots work.

If you are fine with frequent but moderate wins, go for low volatility slots. Online gamblers who are ready to stay in the game more to receive bigger payouts should choose slots with high volatility and progressive online slots.

Keep in mind that the number of active pay lines and reels is important when it comes to the frequency of wins and paid-out amounts. The more active pay lines and reels a video slot has, the more combinations exist. Which implies that the gambler will have worse chances to hit one of them. Perhaps, a 3-reel old-school classic will be just the thing for you, no matter how basic the graphics and music are.


Online gamblers ought to be familiar with all the symbols and their combinations and the rules of the chosen game to make good use of the slot extras. The same rule goes for Terms and Conditions established by any online casino. Everyone who gambles must be aware of all of them. Without exceptions.

Demo games

Be smart: play the chosen game in a demonstrative mode for free first.

Baby steps. In the very beginning, place minimal bets. Since online slots don’t depend on a player’s skills, the winning odds improve with an increasing number of rounds. Low wages are what you need to ensure a longer game.

Increase your chances

Play with the maximum number of activated paylines. Whenever you don’t do it, you will miss a considerable number of opportunities to build a winning combination.

On top of that, try not to diminish the fun factor. Virtual slots are entertainment, and the right attitude towards the fact that you can win or lose your own money while playing them is to have fun. If online gambling becomes a way to make a buck, it stops being just a silly game.

On a final note, we would repeat it once again that Arriva Arriva! by Novomatic is a trustworthy online slot with decent Return to Player Percentage – 95% and all the favoured slot elements: free spins, wilds, multipliers, scatters, Bonus games.

Stick to the basic rules of casino games and their game mechanics, gamble responsibly, and have fun with Arriva Arriva!.

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