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Batman & the Joker Jewels slot

The Batman & the Joker Jewels slot developed by Playtech in 2016 features 5 reels, 25 paylines, and the RTP of 95.01%.

The game is based on the story of the most popular Hero/Antihero duo – Batman and Joker.

It is perfect for real money and free play and available at most Playtech online casinos.

We believe that the Batman & the Joker Jewels will guarantee random game outcomes and regular payouts because we can tell that Playtech consistently introduces valid gambling games of high quality.

So, what slot players need to take care of is the legitimacy of the online casino they have found. as long as it is legitimate, you won’t have to worry about dishonest games and unpaid winnings.

How to play Batman & the Joker Jewels?

Before you begin playing online casino games hoping to receive real-money winnings, we suggest taking the following steps:

  • Find a licensed online casino with a good reputation.
  • Go through the slot description and pay tables to be aware of how the game is going to play out and the symbols bringing the best payouts.
  • Play Batman & the Joker Jewels without making a payment – use its demo version.
  • Work out the best system for yourself. Will you activate all the paylines? How big will your stakes be?
  • Set money and time limits to know when to quit.

Just like in any other slot game you’ll have a chance to play at a land-based or web casino, what you need to do when playing Batman & the Joker Jewels must be to land three or more matching symbols after the reels stop spinning that can make winning combinations.

As everyone knows, all the slot symbols fall into 2 categories: standard symbols, special Bonus symbols and 2 kinds of Wilds – Joker random wilds and regular ones (Batman’s silhouette).

Standard symbols are pictures of the same size and style; these images don’t look very different and pay out nearly the same amounts.

In contrast, Bonus symbols always look different. Bonus symbols might have unusual features, colors, shapes, or letters written on them.

Video slot providers are sure to provide all the valuable information concerning standard and Bonus symbols and their weight in Pay Tables. Needless to say, all the gamblers should go through the pay tables before playing the game. Open the slot interface and examine the edges of the window: you can find ‘Menu’, ‘Settings’, ‘Information’ buttons. The Paytables and lists of slot symbols will be somewhere there.

The design of the Batman & the Joker Jewels game can make you think of typical Vegas slot machines with their intuitive gameplay, sharp images, and popular bonus features.

The standard symbols spun on the 5 reels this time are Batmobile, Batarang, Batman’s belt. Among them, the symbols that trigger the best coin prizes are Batman, Robin, Joker. Hitting combinations of two, three, and four of matched symbols on winning lines is what gamblers need to achieve to receive real money winnings.

Batman & the Joker Jewels is packed with Wilds. Joker random wilds (Joker’s smile) can pop up after any spin. The regular ones (Batman’s silhouette), as always, help to form a winning combination by substituting other symbols.

Batman & the Joker Jewels gives gamblers a chance to change the bet sizes. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons in the lower corner to adjust the stakes. Of course, bigger stakes promise more substantial payoffs. But they provide you with fewer attempts to hit a winning combination.

Don’t start with big stakes. Keep in mind that the more you play, the better chances you get to land the right combination. Slot players are most likely to accomplish it when they opt for minimal wages and extended gambling sessions.

Besides, there is an ‘Autoplay’ button in the lower part of the screen. It switches on the automatic spinning mode: the online gambler doesn’t have to click on the ‘play’ button after each round, and the reels are going to change automatically.

Another important feature to regulate is the number of activated winning lines. Activating a winning line implies paying for it. If you happen to play with only a couple of active paylines, you overlook plenty of chances to hit a winning combination. Try activating and deactivating paylines in a free demo mode, and you are sure to feel how occasional successful spins get with minimum activated pay lines. We believe that paying for triggering as many paylines as possible is surely worth it.

Mobile version review

Batman & the Joker Jewels video slot works well on both mobile devices and computers. Players don’t need to install any other applications to enjoy playing Batman & the Joker Jewels for free or for real money on their mobile phones or tablets.

You just have to find Batman & the Joker Jewels in a search engine and get started. The game is mobile-friendly: it must be modified to fit the mobile phone you will be using seemingly.

Nonetheless, we suggest checking how well the graphics of the video slot will look on your smartphone or iPad, since the quality of mobile compatibility may be influenced by the operating system, producer, series, and year.

Bonus Symbols

In addition to the standard symbols of the Batman & the Joker Jewels video slot – Batmobile, Batman’s belt, Batarang – there are Bonus symbols with unique functions. They are 2 kinds of Wilds (Joker’s smile and Batman’s silhouette) and Bonus symbols that activate Joker and Batman’s free spins.

Jackpots and Big Wins

Batman & the Joker Jewels offers 4 progressive Jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. Everyone has a chance to trigger one of them at random after landing a winning combination. You probably know that progressive slots are a net of online pokies that share one common prize pool. The ultimate jackpot grows with each spin across hundreds of online casinos, and it can total up to a very impressive amount.

How to play Batman & the Joker Jewels for real money?

All the casino players who are eager to play the Batman & the Joker Jewels slot online for real money will need to:

  • Search for a reliable online casino.
  • Confirm that everyone who lives in their country are allowed to join the online casino.
  • Sign in and make a new account.
  • You will need to provide copies of documents in order to confirm the ID.
  • Make a minimum deposit (according to the Terms and Conditions of the online casino).
  • Go through the online casino Bonus T&C carefully and redeem a casino bonus (if it seems like a good idea).
  • Check the pay tables and special game functions.
  • Play Batman & the Joker Jewels for free with the help of its demo mode.
  • Determine the bet amounts and the number of paylines.
  • Determine money and time limitations.

When all these measures have been made, the gambler may start playing Batman & the Joker Jewels for real money.

Slot RTP

RTP (Return to Player Percentage) is a percentage of the money brought to a casino by one slot game that will be paid back to online gamblers in the form of cash prizes or jackpots over a time. For example, if RTP is estimated at 90%, the slot players are going to receive 90% of all the money spent on the game for about a million rounds. Actually, the question about the length of the RTP time period still needs to be answered. As a rule, online casinos return 90% – 98% to their players.

The Batman & the Joker Jewels RTP is 95.01%.

You have to understand that RTP doesn’t reflect the idea of how many percent you personally are going to get back from every $1 spent during the slot game. Nobody will guarantee you the 95.01% of your $1000, even if you keep spending money on Batman & the Joker Jewels. RTP is a figure that will be calculated considering hundreds of other gamblers.

Tips and Tricks for playing online slots

Legitimate slot developers will never let their casino games generate dubious results.

Online slots run on computerized algorithms aimed to provide unexpected results or something close to them. It means that there isn’t a good chance to predict how a slot spin will play out if you are not a prodigy programmer.

Online slots are games of chance, at their core. A player can’t influence the process of how slot combinations are formed. With that in mind, we have collected a couple of guidelines for playing and winning at video slots.


Register and play for real money only at reliable casino webpages with excellent feedback and confirmed payouts.

Game Provider

Go for video slots from famous developers to gamble for real-money winnings.

Frequency hit

Online gamblers must know what they want from the game and what gambling style they have.

If you are fine with regular but modest wins, your choice can be online slots with low volatility. Slot players who can wait longer for bigger payoffs can try slots with high volatility and progressive jackpots.

Don’t forget that the number of paylines and reels influences the results when it comes to hitting frequency and payout amounts. The more paylines and reels an online slot features, the more winning combinations there are to cover. Consequently, the gambler will have smaller chances to land the winning one. And maybe a 3-reel Vegas-style classic is the thing you need, no matter how unimpressive the graphics and sounds are.

Be always aware

Everyone who gambles online for real money should know symbol combinations and the rules of the chosen game not to miss a chance for its bonuses and extras. The same also applies to casino Terms and Conditions. Online gamblers must read and understand all of them. No exceptions.


Don’t be too confident: play the video slot in a demonstrative mode for free first.

Dipping your toes

Start with minimal stakes. As long as virtual slot machines are not skill-based games, the chances to land a winning combination go up with an increasing number of attempts. Minimal bets lead to a prolonged game.

Fight for better chances

Activate as many paylines as possible. If you play with just a couple of active paylines, you are sure to miss a good number of opportunities to land a winning combination.

In addition to all that, enjoy the fun factor. Virtual slots are a game, and the best way to deal with the fact that you might win or lose real money while playing them is to have fun. When playing slots becomes a way to raise some money, it stops being safe.

To sum up, we would say once again that Batman & the Joker Jewels by Playtech is a reliable slot game with an adequate RTP – 95.01% and all the best slot attributes: Bonus games, wilds, free spins.

Bear in mind the fundamentals of online slots and their gameplay, play safely, and enjoy Batman & the Joker Jewels.

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