Many Students Becoming Addicted to Gambling

More and more students are becoming addicted to gambling. The increase in gambling addiction has been effecting the students in a very negative way. There are many drinking gambling games taking place among young students.

Now there are many feeds, websites, articles that promote student betting. Even Ladbrokes allows students to bet on their degree class.

Not everyone gambles, but everyone knows someone who does. A lot of people knows someone who fills their social media account feed with topics related to gambling. There are even many people who lives with someone who loves to gamble.

Of course there are different reasons as to why some become addicted to gambling. One of the most common reasons is because they think they can beat the odds. Many young people who like to gamble have the tendency to think they can beat the game. Meaning that they think they can outsmart it and win a lot. This is certainly not the case. A lot of students who like to gamble think that just because they are smart, they know how to figure the game out and determine when it is time to receive a big payout.

Even though the gambling rate among young people is still low, there is still a concern. Studies have shown that college students who do have a gambling problem often end up having psychological difficulties along with failing grades and unmanageable debt.

Studies have proven that teenagers and young college adults have a higher risk at becoming gambling addicts than adults do.

Another reason why there should be a concern about college students gambling is because most people who have a gambling problem, start off young. Scientists have been able to learn that an adolescent brain is still growing. This is why teenagers have the tendency to have impulsive behavior and unwise decisions.

Since gambling a lot can cause a student to receive failing grades, this means that they would not be able to graduate. Not being able to graduate can lead to not being able to have good jobs. Gambling problems, especially at a young age can cause a lot of opportunities to go very wrong. Those who have a gambling problem, typically end up having family issues and also lose a lot of friends. It is crucial for young people to receive help for their gambling problem as soon as possible. The longer they wait to receive help, the worse off they will most likely be.

Studies have also shown that students who have gambling problems a lot of develop other dangerous addictions. Like for instance tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and other illegal drugs. They also have a higher risk at driving under the influence than those who do not.

Now it has become easier for a lot of people to have access to gambling (legal and illegally). The internet has helped made it easier for a lot of people (young and old) to have easy access to it. Another concerning issue about young people gambling is that a lot of the youth do not have a good understanding of how to handle money. Since many people use the internet and like to use apps on and off campus, students are able to have access to it at their school’s location. There has been a major expansion of different forms of gambling.

It is important to note that only one percent of the U.S. population is known to have a gambling problem while in Australia it is much higher. Obviously, many people want the gambling rate in the country to remain low. Since there is more access to gambling, the rate for it can increase at some point in the near future. The fact that there is easy access to gambling, is very concerning for a lot of people. This youth generation is the future. If the youth population starts gamble even more, this will make the rate start to go up much higher. Also, it could cause the unemployment rate in the U.S. and in Australia to go up in the near future. The unemployment rate going up in the near future, would be very dangerous for the economy.

Online gambling is illegal in most states in the United States. However, more states can make it legal sometime soon. If this occurs, this makes the situation more dangerous. Many suggest that the danger side of gambling gets taught more. Also there are some who think that colleges should start making sure that their students have a good understanding of how gambling can affect their education.

Modern technology has helped the expansion of gambling in so many different ways which is good and bad. Unfortunately it is starting to become something negative for the college students. Gambling itself is not bad, but it is when you let it take over your life. Students have to be careful.