Recommended Playtech Slots in 2022 | Top casino games

Powered slot games have become very popular and desired by players a lot. When someone is looking for a classic game, they can be sure that Playtech can offer them what they want. If they want to improve their gaming experience, they should try a game that offers features that are not found in a lot of slots.

What is Playtech?- Playtech is the lead company in offering game solutions in the casino industry. Developers for this company aim to launch new games with interesting themes and bonus features. Also, they like to keep their players entertained.

The Best Playtech Slots- Deciding what the best games are from Playtech is not something that can be accomplished easily. According to some players, there are a few that stand out. Those games are A Night Out, X-Men, Lotto Madness, Geisha Story, and Rocky.

A Night Out- A Night Out is a game that should definitely be on a must play list. The payout percentage for this game is 97.06%. In other words, players are given many opportunities to get an award and to have a lot of fun.

X-Men- Those who are fans of X-Men would definitely love this game. This game has unique graphics and features. It also has a great theme. The payout for this game is at 97.02%.

Lotto Madness- Just like with the other slots mentioned, Lotto Madness also has wonderful features. Another common factor this game has with the others that are mentioned is the payout percentage. The payout percentage for this game is at 97.06%.

Most popular online casinos do offer this game. The popularity of this game comes from the chances players have for winning through completing bonus rounds and be eligible for free spins through spinning its wheel.

Geisha Story- Geisha Story has a Japanese culture theme. This game has the ability to ensure players have an overwhelming amount of money in their bank account. The payout percentage for this game is at 95.48%. Wild, scatter, and bonus symbols on this game guarantee that players will have a smile on their face during their game session.

Rocky- Those who are fans of the Rocky movie series will definitely love this slot machine. The exclusive payout percentage of this game is at 95.02%. All the way up until recently, a large number of online and traditional casinos provided this game. Now the game is mostly only available at land-based casinos.

Top Playtech Slots with the Best Jackpots- The best jackpots on slot machines from Playtech are Beach Life, Gold Rally, Marvel Slots, Queen of the Pyramids, and Magic Slots.

Beach Life- Beach Life has an exclusive progressive slot. Currently its jackpot is approaching $6,705,300. Every time a wager is placed by a player and the reel starts spinning, a percentage of the bet is put aside for the jackpot pool for the next lucky winner.

Gold Rally- Gold Rally is among one of the slot games that give out generous payouts. Another important factor is that the number of players leaving the game with huge winnings is growing in a constant basis. As of now, the total amount of money given out to players is $11,354,951. On average, players wins an award every 21 days.

Marvel Slots- Marvel is a huge company that is well known all around the world. They have released some of the most successful movies in the world. Fans of Marvel should know that Marvel Ultimate Power, Marvel Power, and Marvel Extra are three slots that gives players a fantastic gaming experience. They have incredible graphics and excellent winnings. Over the past year, the payouts for Marvel Ultimate Power reached $8,683,955. For Marvel Power, it reached $7,025,173. The payout for Marvel Extra Power reached $17,687,302.

Queen of the Pyramids- This slot is based on ancient Egypt mythology. It has a fixed number of 9 lines. Also, it has an impressive jackpot. During the past last year among 50 players received $5,079,780.

Magic Slots- Magic Slots is another exciting slot game that Playtech offers. Just like with other games mentioned above, this one also provides players with the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot. One important factor to think about when it comes to this game is that it depends on the bet made that can make a player qualified for the jackpot. During last year, $6,325,627 was given out among more than 40 players of this game. Slot machine players who want to win a lot of money should definitely play this game. Even if a player doubts that magic can be real, they should still give this game a try. If there is some doubt, think of phrase “you will never know unless you try.” Players can be generously awarded from playing this game.