What makes Aristocrat and its games special?

Aristocrat has a very large history. It has become one of the world’s most prominent providers in the gaming industry. Without Aristocrat, the gaming industry would not be where it is at today. They operate in 90 countries all around the world. Also, they are licensed in 240 gaming jurisdictions.

The Employees- This gaming provider has over 3,000 employees. Their employees have been playing a large role in why they have become as big as they are now. They have been pushing the boundaries in the gaming industry. Delivering outstanding results is what they strive for. Innovation, creativity, and technology are their specialties. They are strongly committed to providing entertainment for the world.

Background Story of the Company- The company got its start in 1953. Since their start, they have been driven to provide the best gaming experience in the world. As the company kept growing, they decided it was best to offer a wide range of products and services. Those products and services include social gaming, casino management systems, and electronic gaming machines.

The Introduction of the Clubmaster- The Clubmaster was released in 1956. It was a game changer. This was the first machine to have a multiline and scattered payouts. The game is also responsible for the technology advancements that has taken advancements. Those technological advancements include free-play lock, and self-lubricating reel assembly bearings. During that same year, the New South Wales Government (NSW) legalized poker machines in the social clubs.

In the year 1958, Aristocrat introduced the first poker machine in the world with full reels and scorecard. Slimline and Sheerline machines helped made the company receive a significant share of the Australian market.

Its Expansion to Europe- The 1960s was a global growth time period. A strong portfolio of cabinets and games is what led the company expand its market to Europe. During this time period, Las Vegas kept being the center for gambling in the United States. This resulted in an increase of slot machines being produced for that specific region. In the year 1961, Aristocrat released a game design called The Aristocrat Nevada. It was a huge success. A few years later, in 1963, Aristocrat released The Grosvenor. During the year, 1965, they released the first electronic slot machine. It was called Moon Money.

The Start of Their Digital Era- In the 1970s, the company continued to grow and they made a lot of history in this era. During this time period, the company developed the first video-based slot machine. They also introduced the first electronic credit metre. That is not it. The company made even more history when they launched their Wild Wild West game. Wild Wild West was the first slot to have five reels. It was released in 1979.

The Gaming Industry Making Big Changes- In the 1980s, slot machines made a big change. Especially in the United States and Australia. The company opened up a London office. In this time period, they also launched Aristocrat Australia Systems in Australia. Aristocrat Australia Systems developed Casino Management Systems. The Microstar range of slot machines were released in that era. It featured technology that is still used today.

The Virtual Reel- The virtual reel is one of the most important innovations in slot machine history. In the past, three and five reel slots had a limit on the number of possible outcomes. The payouts were very low. The invention of the electronic game machines allowed for certain symbols to be weighted. It increased the amount of times they appeared on the machines.

The Legalization of Leasing Slots in the U.S.- In 1986, it became legal for game manufacturers to lease slot machines to bars, clubs, and casinos. The year after this action became legal, the company opened up their office in New Zealand because of a growing demand for their games in the Asia Pacific.

Aristocrat Becomes Listed As A Public Company- This was a huge move for the company. In the 1990s, it grew significantly. The release of their MK Gaming System allowed them to expand to new markets in 1995. A few years after this release, they released Hyperlink Gaming System. It became listed as a public company in the Australian Stock Exchange. Hyperlink is considered to be the most desired part of intellectual property that is commercialized in Australia. This topped Australian inventions like the bionic ear and WiFi.

After becoming listed as a public company, they were able to open more offices in South Africa, Peru, and Colombia.

Aristocrat is continuing to make a lot of strives, which is why it is still one of the most successful companies in the world. The impact they have made on the slot machine industry cannot be taken for granted in this present day and age.